What automated backlinking software is working for you?

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I still believe that backlinking works, as long as you know how to use it. What software are you using now for quick or bulk backlinking. Using services in Fiverr adds up and i thought maybe using a software might be more economical.

Any suggestions for a good software...
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    Originally Posted by martfay View Post

    I still believe that backlinking works, as long as you know how to use it.
    That is completely true!

    The only issue with this logic is that you are attempting to automate this process...which is a huge NO NO!

    Do not buy any backlinking software or any fiverr gig because they do not work in the long run.

    If you want to be a real internet marketer, then stop being lazing and stupid. You need to put real and honest work into your websites; treat them like a baby! You would not feed a baby poisoned McDonalds everyday, let alone McDonalds, would you?
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      Well, fiverr gigs are working for me and I am sure some of these gigs use automated software...I am just working smarter, if I can make the process easier, why not. I don't direct them to my money site, my money site is the one I treat as a " baby", like what you said. I don't feed it with "McDonalds" fast food.
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      • Yeah I used some fiverr gigs once in the past... Some work well but they have no longevity in that the links end up being de indexed. This a lot of the time can be because the content was not spun properly or it was the same anchor text used for all the links.

        I agree that pure automation is a huge NO NO! But something like a drip feed for articles that are spun properly can help a lot or even a social bookmarking drip feed with unique spun titles and descriptions.
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          Fiverr is a bit of a mixed bag - sometimes you can find decent services on there but you will also find a huge amount of poor services.

          I don't think automated backlinking is a bad thing, as long as you do it right. I use magic submitter, I spin my articles properly (100% readable) i vary the anchor text, i control the link velocity and i do other things to keep it looking natural.

          If you just blast bad links without putting in the time or effort to do it right, then yes automated backlinking is bad. Do it right and it is a big time saver.
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    I only use fiverr sometime for my tier 3 links else gsa search engine ranker and for tier 1 i use magic submitter.
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    MS is great if you learn to use it
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    Still using MS if you want to 'kill' penguins, this software works so great!
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