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Is it still advisable to have exact matching keywords phrase in your post URL, Title & meta description.

What is the google latest position on above.
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    Content, content, content. The title is part of the content.

    The URL is less useful now. The headcode (tags) isn't even read by the Google bot - and I doubt if it is noticed by the other bots. Facebook makes use of it sometimes.

    I had all sorts of tricks to stuff keywords unobtrusively, which worked a treat (some of my sites had the Google #1 page1, #2 and #3 - all the way down to #12. Sadly no more!) You can imagine that these are far less powerful these days. Anyway, writing engaging copy for ultra-targeted traffic is way more fun through PPC.
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    Agreed. It's all about content. Google went after thin-content sites with all of it's recent updates. I believe you should have your primary keyword for a page in that page's title, description, and URL. However, that's just an indicator and alone won't do much. You have to back it up with quality content.

    Title and meta are still displayed in the search results to let humans know what the page is about, so they are still important. The meta is no longer used for ranking. The URL and title are still subject indicators, but are not given much weight in terms of ranking.
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