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Hi warriors,

Here is my situation/dilemma. I have started a web development firm with three partners. We outsource work to two partner firms in India.

I want to start learning to rank my website WebDesign SEO Logos so I can get some traffic. Outsourcing the SEO work itself is very costly (around half a grand a month), I want to learn myself.

I want to learn some great strategies for offsite SEO to create backlinks etc, and from my understanding you guys may be the best bunch to help me with this.

If you need something in exchange, I can get extraordinary logos and business cards done for you at cost. Or anything really, just ask. I have a degree in accounting and could give you insight there as well; I'm just hungry for knowledge.

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    Lorne, I love your website. It's very beautifully designed.

    I can't offer you too much help, but if you ever consider starting a blog for your business, use Wordpress. Google loves them, and there are MANY plugins out there that can help automate your SEO for you.

    For example, I have a guide (linked to in my signature) that talks about a little-known feature on Wordpress that lets you get high-quality backlinks from other authority blogs in your niche, and then introduces a plugin that automates it all.

    Fair warning though; SEO has a steep learning curve. I suggest avoiding getting too caught up in the little details, and instead focus your efforts on the most important parts of SEO (like having your keyword in the title of your blog post, getting links from other authority sites, etc.).

    Good luck!
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    First of all the navigation of your website looks weird and unfriendly to users.

    Now the niche which you have chosen, is very competitive no doubt. But if you could provide unique and value for the money service, then you will not have any issue getting the jobs. Although initially you will find it quite difficult to get it going. You have to be patience to see results.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    Thank you very much Josh! I really appreciate the feedback. We'll be putting up articles soon discussing outsourcing web development work to India. I'm noticing this steep learning curve... painful, but I am ready for the grind if someone could just show me the way. Currently reading your PDF btw, big thanks

    Hey SEOBUZZ, could you please be more specific? Minimizing navigation is a big issue indeed. First steps are the hardest for sure. Thanks for the feedback
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    SEO requires a ton of research and application.

    Moreso than question asking and waiting around for answers.
    I'm >>not<< trying to offend you, I'm just trying to be realistic.

    Sometimes I will ask broad questions myself, but not quite as broad as yours. You're saying "I want to learn SEO myself", which is essentially like asking "can you teach me SEO"?

    I see it like going on chess forum, and saying "I'd like to learn how to play chess".
    Well do you want to learn how to play, or to win?

    Usually the goal is to win.

    If thats your goal, then google is your best friend. I'm being dead serious.
    For a good 6 months I didn't ask 1 question about SEO. I bought a couple of books, and did a ton of research online.

    This is what I recommend you do.

    1) Buy a book. "Outsmarting Google" is a great book. Although some people think its outdated, its really not. Its still highly relevant and a great source of whitehat information for SEO.

    2) Use searches on google like - "best way to build backlinks" "what types of backlinks are best" "social bookmarks for seo" "list of article directories" "list of web 2.0"

    etc etc

    3) Then brush up on blackhat SEO. Since all backlinking is considered blackhat to google, and blackhat forums are a great source of more technical information. Not to mention, they don't have to release a WSO just to teach you something as simple as ranking a youtube video.

    So you can try searches like -

    site:blackhatforum "tiered link building"
    site:blackhatforum "can I blast tier 1 with scrapebox"
    site:blackhatforum "how to use thebestspinner properly"
    site:blackhatforum "how to rank on page 1 of google"
    site:blackhatforum "where to get backlinks"

    etc etc

    My only point is, research is your best friend right now.
    So learn how to do it, and start organizing a massive collection of bookmarks.

    Find all the best free content you can online, then organize it like -

    Bookmarking Sites
    Article Directory Sites
    Local Biz Directories
    Web 2.0 Sites
    Keyword Research Tools
    Free Backlink Tools / Indexing Tools
    Favorite Fiver Gigs
    High Quality SEO Tutorials
    Copywriting Tutorials

    etc etc

    The point is to just research, gather as much quality content as possible, bookmark it, then immediately begin applying things.

    Thats my best advice.

    If you plan on learning everything here, it will take about 100 questions a day for the next 12 months minimum.

    Ask questions when you run into more specific issues. For now, your best bet is learning how to research and organize valuable information.

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      In SEO, your job is to mimic what a (non-spammer) website would naturally go through.
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    That was great Red, much appreciated. I wanted a roadmap and got exactly what I wanted. Don't worry about offending me you answered my question.

    The reason why I felt the question was more narrow than "I want to learn SEO" is because I have a product/service on the market. This type of product/service may require different SEO treatment than another, or maybe certain strategies work better to my relevant keywords.
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    Well mimicking would be great, but how could I mimic someone without seeing what they do to link build?
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    unfortunately seo will take years to learn properly.

    loads of people wont give there seo information away for free, you can not even buy the skill they got, it very close to there hart.

    After reading loads of book's and countless trail and error, giving it all away it just not going to happen sorry.

    i been doing seo for many years, it like i am constantly reading new books all the time just to stay on top, it very mind blowing working on seo.

    every main stream search engine has there own version of seo that works properly.

    every body that in the seo business do there work as a individual, every body seo is different from one another.

    i am sorry your need to read heavily and slowly to understand the real meaning of seo there so much to do and no.

    when into seo you become a writer as well, fills like it anyway every sentence or word or letter and postion is so inportant on it own that a nightmare on it own.

    your need to learn html and xhtml and css like a everyday language firstly.

    your need to understand ever think about web page links. inbound,outbound,anchor

    your need to study seo friendly doc types and there reason why they are there .

    once you no that lot above and can produce a page validated correctly your need to understand links and folders for keywords.

    then your need to go to a competitors page and read there page view there source code info, your then have to re write your info but more clearer then there page and add keywords and position them better then there's.

    as you can see there loads to learn but the more you read the better.

    yours john

    This is your first page title.

    did a seo hired person title this below?
    <title> WebDesign SEO Logos</title>
    suppose to be i think better
    <title> WebDesign SEO Logos |</title>
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    Cosmit is correct! Learning SEO is time consuming job. Even though SEO is really easy if you what works and what not.

    There are tons of free ebooks available so no need to buy a book now.

    There are tons of great high quality blog sites where experts and also folks are writing fantastic posts on SEO and IM. For example SEO Moz! I would recommend you to start with sticky section of this subforum first. Then start reading some classic ebooks on SEO. Finally start seo on your won webste as a trial.

    Concentrate on these sources.

    searchengineland etc.
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