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Please pardon my ignorance. I stopped doing much reading on SEO over the last couple years and I know the rules change rapidly. So I had heard a few years ago that it was very important to have two sitemaps -- the sitemap.xml which you would upload to Google and then a sitemap in html that was made for human beings.

Are both of these still important in SEO these days? Neither?

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    It's not going to hurt having both sitemaps.

    Google does allow attaching an xml sitemap in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools).

    The HTML sitemap is simply internal links, so that's just another possibility for Google to find your pages, which is a good thing.
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    Having two sitemaps will help.

    Many people go to the sitemap so that they can get a flavor of your site. An xml sitemap isn't as legible since it's all in code.

    On my html sitemap (being updated with changing my website platform) I have group headings and a sentence of description too.

    Have fun!
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    Having both sitemaps are added as an advantage. It improves the crawl frequency of your site. XML sitemaps inform search engines about the change in your site like adding or removal of pages. HTML sitemaps inform users about the available pages in the site.
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    if you have a HUGE eCommerce site, you'll definitely need a sitemap. I've seen site where they've split the sitemap into categories due to the size of the site.
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    Two sitemap in website doesn't hurt by search engine. XML & HTML sitemap both have their own importance. HTML sitemap is a tree based sitemap for both user & search engine, and XML sitemap only helpful for search engine.
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    yes, sitemaps are still important and is a good practice by webmaster as it helps search engine to find pages quickly.
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    You can say that having a Sitemap is a good practice. Although, if you don;t have a sitemap, even then it's fine, but your website's linking must be proper.
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    Having 2 sitemaps doesn't hurt, but one site map for both SEs and visitors would be ideal, and if you are using wordpress there are plugins which allow you to have a user-friendly xml sitemap.
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    If you have a huge e-commerce website than its good to have 2 sitemap as it wouldn't hurt, but it could give you better rankings at the end.
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