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Hello There,

Before we begin, I kindly request that only people who know what I'm talking about reply. I understand the general concepts of over-optimization and spamming pages with the same anchor text is bad, but this is a very specific question where those general concepts may not apply. If you don't understand what I'm asking, let me know and I'll be happy to further clarify.


I'm working on a post that has a somewhat "FAQ"ish feel to it, but it is being used to present content, not frequently asked questions.


Does anyone have a good idea how Google feels about the internal linkage of such a document. For example, the page structure would be like this:

Content Topic Table:
1. Content Topic 1 (links to content topic 1 below)
2. Related Content Topic 2 (links to content topic 2 below)
3. Related Content Topic 3 (links to content topic 3 below)

Content Topic 1
some text here.
(Link back to top for content topic table)

Related Content Topic 2
some text here.
(Link back to top for content topic table)

Related Content Topic 3
some text here.
(Link back to top for content topic table)
Question, with additional clarifications:

My question is, will Google dislike the links back to the content topic list which is located at the top of the same page? They will all have the same anchor text (which may include the keyword I'm targeting), should this pose any problems? The links only serve as ways to hop around the document really quickly.

I know Google Hates over optimization, but I'm hoping they can tell the difference between a link that points to other pages and a link that points to "#content-topics-table". I appreciate any insights that you can provide.
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    I don't know if this helps, but had a quick look at wikipedia which does something similar, and they don't have a "back to top" button, they do give the option to add it in with user javascript.

    Wikipedia:Back to top - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Could be an idea.

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    Thank you both for taking the time to reply. I believe this answers my question. Have an awesome day! :-D
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