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by nsuheirs 3 replies
Hi, when I put my IBAN number it says invalid format but there's no info about format! What is correct format then?
the bank is
I went to my bank ,they tell me the info is true no problem
but adsense tell me invalid info
please help
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    did you add the SWIFT CODE also... maybe it's just a problem because of google adsense update.. so try again later!!
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    I do but the same problem
    try every day but!
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    Usually an IBAN number is given in the format NL 1234 5678 9101 or something like that. This makes it easy to read - only the banks don't seem to have cottoned onto the fact that this is the case and have no software for removing the blanks.

    That is to say the IBAN (and BIC) codes should have no spaces in them - like this: NL123456789101

    I had no end of problems trying to work out what they ruddy well wanted! I had no idea that the computers weren't programmed to take this into account.

    Does this help any?
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