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hi guys,
quick question for you.

how much better is it to have 2 links from different domains with pr8
than having 2 links from the same domain (different pages) with pr 8/

obviously there will be a price difference, just wondering if it's worth it.

tnx for the help
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    Diversity also matters.

    Oh, and Google do state that you shouldn't be buying links. Not that this worries anybody, just as their warnings about poor backlinking methods didn't worry anybody. Until thy got slapped.
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    Make sue the actual page linking to you is PR8, not just the home page on the site.

    I love life an everything in it. Don't worry, be happy.

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    I think two links from different domain with pr8 will help you. but make sure the niche of the website is your niche as you are going to buy a link.
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    thanks guys, but i am trying to get more specific. how big of adifferance is it between 2 links from same doamin (each page ranked 8) then from 2 domains (each page ranked 8)
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      There is no answer to that as there are too many factors that play a role, and even if all the factors are the exact same then probably no one still knows the answer.

      Either way some things to keep in mind:

      - number of OBL and onpage links to other internal pages
      - a PR8 can be PR8.0 or PR8.9 - huge difference
      - a PR8 can be build up from 100 links or from 100.000 links
      - it's not only about PR but also about DA/PA/CF/TF/Ahrefs Rank
      - age of the domain plays a role
      - age of the existing back links plays a role
      - etc.

      If the stats are somewhat similar and the OBL as well then I would go for 2 PR8's from different domains.
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    Before you go any further, if you were to pay for a link on a genuine PR8 page, you would be paying thousands of dollars.

    If that's not the case, then you are being diddled.
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    I agree with Nik0. There's not enough information to make that decision. I would also ask what the topic of this two hypothetical websites are as that would also play a role in the answer.

    That being said I would in most cases go with two seperate domains.
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    If we skip the PR8 nonsense, the answer will always be one link on two
    different places, all other things being equal.

    Two pages, page A and page B, all equal. Two links on page A will split the PR.
    One link on page A, one link on page B, they both get full juice. Remember, all
    things equal about the pages. That's everything. PR, OBL, etc.

    It has nothing to do with domain age.
    It has nothing to do with link age.
    It has nothing to do with the PR of the domain.
    It has nothing to do with link diversity. If anyone talks about link
    diversity, and they fill their sig with links here, ignore them.

    But, the OP is NOT going to get a true PR8 link, so, the whole thing
    is moot.

    Don't get diddled.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Given that all the pages (in question) are of the same quality, I would go for 2 backlinks from 2 different domains. That is more powerfull, SEO wise.

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