Are Country Domains Helpful to Rank For A Local Google SERP?

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Lets say I want to rank my site for Google Australia. Now if I purchase a domain with "au" TLD will it help my site to rank for Google Australia easily?

lets say my site is...

Any Idea?
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    Yes it works! To help google you can use "Australia" as LSI on your backlinking articles too. This will work like charm! Even without help of any LSI your site can be easily enlisted on google Australia as you are using .au domain.

    Hope that helps.
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    it helps for local SEO....
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    Search engines generally give a higher search ranking for a site that has the tld of the country from where the search is originating from.

    decide based on where your market is. If your market is local then definitely use the local tld. Avoid if using global audience.
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    Google’s emerging webmaster guidelines advocated the use of local TLDs for content intended for a particular country. This meant, for example, that to target Australia region, hosting it on would be beneficial as the TLD was the major factor considered when localising content.

    At the time, Google also advocated hosting on an IP in the target country and made it clear that it was also essential to tag up content with meta language tags so Google could determine your intended audience most accurately.

    All of these technical requirements were important metrics for their crawler localising content to the correct country version of Google.
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    Of course it helps a lot. If you do a perfect on page optimization then you can get good position without doing any off page activity.
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    Ok what if you have a website with a name like and you want to rank for a local search, can i buy a local domain of and redirect, will that still be an advantage for me?

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    yes is you will buy the county specific domain than it will be much better and its easy to get the rank
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    I am looking to rank for UK google though. Well then I think a high PR UK domain is going to be the best for this. Thanks guys specially Hossain for helping me.
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    Yes. But this will only help your VISITORS (they will understand that it is austalian based website). For most websites it is best to go with .com, but if your ranking is not a problem (for example a big site like a social media or a popular local directory -> Then .au is recommended)

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