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I've had this suggested to me many times, I've read up on it...
is it worth the money? Is it as good as advertised?
anyone had experience with it?
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    I use SEO pressor on my blogs and it has helped me get page one on the Google search engine for different post. I do like it, and now that it's been updated, looks even more helpful.

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      Wondering if it's really that much better than a free plugin like Yoost....
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    I could say it is well suited for the easy to use seo plugin, but I couldn't say it too much worth than the free plugin like Yoast.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    In this time, we need SEO processor plugin as on-page optimization is very important!

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    It's good to have SEO Pressor plugin. When doing SEO, on page and off page SEO plays important roles. You can have millions of backlinks, but you also need high quality contents for Google to reward with page one ranking. SEO Pressor really guided in meeting Google needs especially on-page SEO.
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    I've always wondered about this but never employed the technique.

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    Anyone/anything that acts like keyword density is SEO, doesn't have a clue what they're doing, besides hyping up the sales pitch to make a sale.
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    SEO pressor 5 is worth it. SEO pressor 5 gives a lot of new features like over optimization check. If you ever over optimize your article then SEO pressor 5 will tell you and ask you to de-optimize your website. It is better than Easy WP SEO plugin. It is worth it for SEO wise.
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    Well said yukon!
    Personally I know Seo Plugins are overrated! These plugins will probably do more harm than good!

    I had a websites with no xml sitemap creator on it and guess what it rank just the same with websites that had google sitemap xml, if not much better.

    Keyword density isn't such a big deal has it once were!

    Focus on quality content and less on keyword density. And the same goes for high PR backlinks from relevant websites rather than the number of backlinks.

    Before throwing away you hard earn cash on seo tools that defeat the purpose, just go get a few high pr expired domains and build a private blog network that will give you far more results!
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