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Hey guys , any one know how to make more traffic to a company web site (french language ) tryed backlinks with high PR, social network accounts , search engine submission but still having 0 -1 visitor /day and 90% of cases the visitor is me loool

so any have a suggestion ?

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    PR isn't directly related to traffic. You need to target specific keywords with low competition and some searches. You then build backlinks on relevant pages with the keyword as the anchor text. This is in essence, the most basic of SEO. Perhaps you need to learn more about it first, or hire someone that knows.

    P.s No point making social network accounts if you're not doing anything with them. The magic isn't in just creating them but how you utilise them.

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    For FB and twitter i'm making auto RSS post from many websites. for keyworks i'm top 3 in one keywords but no one using it for search lol , all other keywords are high competetive and i'm not existing in to top 1000 results in google :s
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    Best thing is make your website more attractive and try to build some quality links and use Social media in manner which helps both you and your readers!
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    i don't if i can post an url to my website and tell me what do you feel about ?
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    can any one help me please ?
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    Nowadays social media is the best for websites promotion you easy way to create a application in social media websites and also some other factors in SEO so best for promotion....
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    It takes time, weeks, months even years to build up traffic via SEO.

    Continue to build backlinks, get involved with social media, mailing and look into online advertising

    Good luck
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      Yes it's easy. I don't know what your company is about, but it is probably about something, anything. Then produce pages and pages of content about this something.
      Also look at your google analytics data, at your internal search engine data if you have one and look at what people are typing to get to your site or once they are on your site, then produce more pages of content addressing (once again if you already have some) their queries.

      No need for other stuff, or maybe once you've done this daily for a full year. But by that time you'll have a lot of traffic anyway.

      Other venues are hosting a forum or some other sort of interactive site (related to your topic) where people produce the content for you, so you'll have premium ad space and "free" to redirect to your company site.
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    To increase website traffic you have to optimize the website with the help of SEO. Promote your business services in online market. Improve your keywords ranking in SERPs. For improving keywords ranking you have done complete SEO. Important SEO techniques is given below -:

    SEO On Page
    1) Add Meta Tags ( Title, Description)
    2) Add heading ( H1 - H6)
    3) Optimize Image ( add Alt & title tag)
    4) Content optimize ( Add internal linking)

    SEO Off Page

    1) Directory Submission ( Google Index & Cache pages)
    2) Social Bookmarking
    3) Article & Press Release Submission
    4) Blog Submission
    5) Guest Post
    6) Blog comments & forum posting
    7) Social Networking
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    Try making quality video and upload to youtube. It has proven effective for me.
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    first of all thank you for you replys , i have a little request i would like if any one could give me a small analyse about the website webnside fdot com
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    promote your site in social media... like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.... these websites will provide you lots of targeted visitors...
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    I get a lot of traffic from Twitter and Pinterest. It is really good. I use Bitly, to shorten my Url's which gives me a lot of clicks....
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    If you want to traffic on your site so do quality link building of your site in a different resources such as blogs, forums, social book marking and directories etc.
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    Backlinking isn't really something you "try". Its something you do over and over and over untill your keywords rank, or till you start seeing traffic from various sites. You can approach it from 2 main positions, getting links for traffic, or getting links for SEO juice. Your best bet is to always do both imo.

    You really need to have a more thorough understanding of the internet and your specific niche, to know where the traffic is imo. Since we're a local company, I knew I could get a lot of traffic in local search, youtube and CL. So thats what I do, and thats what gets us a decent amount of traffic.

    But fortunately for us, our competitors aren't really skilled at marketing. Even the people who hire marketing consultants, their consultants don't really do a great job dominating certain areas... like google places or youtube. So thats has opened up doors for us all over the place to get traffic.

    You need to learn how to find those doors, and leverage them open with a smart, strategic, persistent application of marketing fundamentals. Its really that "simple". But its also a lot to explain if you don't know what you're doing.

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    Also, try linking your site with french website too, as relevancy is very important..

    Please make sure that every day you are doing something unique!

    Building links for one keyword for several days doesn't look natural..

    three great FREE tools -, and

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