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I'm just a bit confused when I Googled outdoor wedding ideas - a moderate competition keyword, Pinterest page sitting pretty at #3 spot for the keyword when the page displays what Google is fighting against - low quality sites.

I'm not saying this page is a low quality but hey this page only contains images without any relevant text content other than overly used "outdoor wedding ideas" keyword probably hundreds of occurrences.

My question now is this, will this page be considered as quality page according to Google standards? Because it seems so based on its ranking.
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    Authority sites like Pinterest will always be unaffected.
    When people search for "Outdoor wedding ideas", they would love to see those ideas in graphical form.

    Only few would be interested to read something on it.

    The link you provided contains some real great wedding ideas (snaps).

    So, this SERP would mostly remain on top.


    Punit Kansara
    Seo Strategist

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    Pinterest is a social media site where people post (only) images on pinboards within their account. People (and Google) love images which is why Pinterest (and also Tumblr) are so popular and rank so high in the search engines.

    I think Google is giving more emphasis to social media sites like Pinterest, so it's good to get an account and add it to your business mix. Start pinning your website images on Pinterest and make sure they are optimized with keywords, hashtags, and a link back to your website.

    It's a great place to have an account as stats show that Pinterest users are big spenders, more so than other social media sites. Pinterest also drives a lot of referral traffic to sites too.
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    Can we optimize images on pinterest
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