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I launched a site in last July. Did loads of SEO last summer and was up to the first page for Google search by December. Two months later and I am showing up from page 3 to page 10. My links were mainly whitehat, including lots of guest blogging....

What has happened? Has anyone else had this experience? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Maybe check the links you built are still there? Are the top ranking sites for the keyword still the same as last year? Maybe you simply got outranked.

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    The sites ranking on page 1 have changed. It is possible I got outranked as I did a big push last summer and then a smaller amount in Autumn and Winter.

    The sudden rise and fall is unusual though? I don't believe there should have been any big effects due to google updated in the last few months either?

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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  • Since you said that all you have is mainly white hat link, it might be your competitors did a higher effort on those days that you did a lesser work. Or maybe you've been hit by Google Update. Check your on-page optimization, there's a lot of factors to be check.

    What is your website and keywords?
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    Thanks for the reply John. The site is and the main keyword is dental implants.

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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    • I have done a quick analysis and see some problem on your site. Do you check if Google indexing your site? Did you submit your site on Google Webmasters? I saw your page index is zero! Also there is lot to do on your website, your on-site optimization need to improve.
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    From 17th of last month, things are awkward. Blackhat sites are ranking high.

    wait it out.
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    I use WMT so it has been indexed by Google. Page Rank is 2 so not that bad after 6 months.

    I thought the on site was ok. ie keyword in titles and in web addresses. Key words used in text but not excessively, relevant content etc.... How would you improve on site optimisation?

    Please bear in mind that the site us undergoing stage 2 development at the moment so is a bit messy....

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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  • I used seoquake for quick diagnosis of your site.

    The most effective page titles are about 10-70 characters long, including spaces.
    Keep your titles concise and make sure they contain your best keywords.
    Each page should have its own exclusive title.

    You don't have meta description. For optimum effectiveness, meta descriptions should be 70-160 characters long.

    You should consider adding meta keywords.

    No authorship, publisher markup and Extracted structured data.

    Since this is a new site you need more citation and backlinks.

    Also build a presence in social media sites.

    Try to use these tools:
    Google Structured Data Testing Tool
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  • To check if your site is indexed by google try google search
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    I guess the sites you got your backlinks from, were hit by Google's update. Check out the backlinks you created. They must have been removed.
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    "lots of guest blogging"

    depends on the articles/blogs you guested in.

    everybody trying to game the game with guest blogging, and to some extent I suspect Google is already on to this.
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    The guest blogging was on industry related sites with decent PR...

    That's bizarre. It's not indexed now but I'm sure it was before. Can sites become de-indexed?

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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    Personally with my business website I have seen drops like that with one of our more hard key words. However, after giving it a week it comes back twice a stronger.
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    AHH HA.. There's a problem with my sitemap and the site is no longer showing up as indexed. Could this be the problem? I'm getting this error message:

    Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

    What formats does it support?

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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    "The first criteria when selecting dental partners was price"

    If it's me I'd want to hear about how you negotiated a great price for me with some HIGH QUALITY providers. Anything even vaguely medical in nature should emphasize quality and safety as well as price. All the copy on the front page is dedicated to plugging your price point, add something to make the consumer feel like going with you would be a safe choice as well as a great deal. Oh and you need more content if you want to rank for anything even mildly competitive, along with some other onpage tweaks. I know your question is about SEO but this post is about HOC (human optimization and conversions)
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    You just have to be sure if the backlinks that you acquired are related to your niche and also you should NOT use the same keyword for EACH backlink!

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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  • Try this guidelines Creating Sitemaps - Webmaster Tools Help maybe create a new sitemap and resubmit it to WMT.
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    The main thing may be you discontinued working or you may have over-worked..

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    Your site is NOT penalized!

    Use metadescription for home page [160 characters - put your main key once and other similar key once]

    Use H1 Tag in home page

    In homepage density for your key 5% - make it 0.5-max 1.2

    Get PR links related to your niche.

    Good Luck!

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    I think your on-page SEO could be better. Too many h1 tags on the home page for example.
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    Thanks for all the responses. I have still been building backlinks since December at the same rate as the previous months. Mainly guest posting and links from other health related sites.

    I thought metatags don't affect SEO? Do I just add them to the body of my text?

    How can you see that there are too many H1 tags in the home page? I use wordpress so my H1 tag is determined by what I add as the title right? There should be none on the homepage then.....

    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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    Your sidebar links are coming up as H1.

    <H1>: 2012 Cost Study
    <H1>: Treatment Abroad

    Answering your question but really you have lots of work to do
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    The drop in search rankings pretty much ties in with stage 2 development work also.... Where those side bars were created and loads of other work....


    SEO enthusiast. I like to blog and run my dental cost comparison site.

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    • Sounds like you figured it out. Another thing to try is rank for multiple keywords and not just dental implants so if one drops in the rankings (which it will from time to time) your business doesn't feel the pain. Diversify like any other business. Good luck.
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    Even my website is suffering with the same all my rankings dropped to 50 pages...I dont know how to get my rankings back..
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