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Hey guys, will keep this brief:
I own a massive forum that was recently switched from one platform to another, vbulletin to xenforo. Admins neglected to update urls and subsequently instead of my site . net I now had www . mysite.net.
By the time I saw this I basically had a bunch of duplicate content in the form of two urls for each page.
I've since put a 301 in place, redirecting all non-www urls to www urls but continue to lose site rank. When doing a site command for mysite.net there are more than 400k pages indexed, but when doing a site:www.mysite command I only get just over 100k. Any ideas as to my next step here? Should I go back to the mysite.net version of the forum since there are more than 3 times as many indexed pages? THX for feedback.
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    Google won't crawl all the pages over night, it will take some time If you have all the old URLs being redirected to the new URLs.
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    I would suggest scraping all of your new pages (posts/threads/cats etc..) and run them through a Ping Aggregator. You can use Linklicious.me, or Lindexed.com or whatever you choose. This will help Google get to them quicker.

    You can also create a Google XML Sitemap and submit this to your Google Webmaster Tools Account.

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    Give time to your new site to be completely indexed in Google..

    three great FREE tools - www.sitebeak.com, www.GAtective.com and www.impersonal.me

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