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Hi there,

I was on seo for about a year and came off short.
All my sites did make it to page 1 but then got sandboxed.

I have done ppc with google and it does deliver. But can be very
Pricy, and hurt your pockets.

I wanted to advertise locally in my city and surrounding cities,
can anyone tell me a up to date course that I can get, that can teach
Me the nitty gritty of google popc . It has to be up to date one.

Please some1 help as I need to get this campaighn running.

Thank you
#google #ppc
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    Warrior forum has enough information, believe me, you can learn a lot of things from this thread too..

    Rest of things you can learn using search feature of this forum.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    I understood what you are saying, but I'm looking for a course that has a step by step on how to get the best cpc and ctr,

    There must be a couple out there
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    Google adwords love local business, How your business? You should read adwords policies before create and run campaign. Adwords support teams they are friendly.
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    No one course is going to make you a master PPCer overnight, being succesful with PPC is like anything else, it takes practice, practice, practice. You should be testing and tracking everything, getting cheap clicks isn't all PPC is about, it's more about monetizing those clicks better than your competition is where the real game is at.

    Get multiple car insurance quotes in less than 1 minute and save 20%

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    Make sure you track your keywords and optimize your landing page to get better quality score. It it will lower your cpc.
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    Thanks everyone, but I'm looking for a course.
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