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I was just searching more information about accuracy of Google Keyword Tool. I found that there are now 3 ways in which you can search a keyword. I mean "braod", "exact" and "Phrase" .. I understand the first two but what do you mean by "phrase" ??

Can anyone explain me more about this?
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    Phrase generally means " a group on words or kind of sentence"
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    It means a lengthy sentence.
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      Phrase Match:

      Eg: Your keyword is "Tennis Shoes"

      now, if someone searches for "tennis shoes for sports"

      then your ad will appear since the phrase "Tennis Shoes" is present there.

      Attached is the screen shot for more ref.

      Punit Kansara
      Seo Strategist

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    Phrase means that a part of the keyword is in there. Kinda hard to explain. In all my campaigns I just focus on phrase and exact match!

    Hope this helps!

    PS: Punit12 has it spot on
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