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Ok so I own an offline business that provides a few different services in the home improvement niche. I have an opportunity to buy a domain name that is our main service, with our main location as the website address.

So www. (mainkeyword)(main town) .com

Now I already have a website and I don't want to transfer my site over to the new domain as I have built up some backlinks and its starting to rank.

Now if I was to buy this new domain what would be the best way to utilise it? Create a separate site on this domain and link to my website? Or redirect the new domain to the sales page on my existing site?

Would be great to hear from some of the seo experts on here about the best way I could use this domain to increase my existing website rank.

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    yes you can redirect that is not the problem because if the visitors came they will redirect to new one.
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      You could set up this new domain as a squeeze page and then link your visitors to your old domain. That way, you can place offers on your new domain and link to your main site at the same time. You could perhaps offer something for free, just to entice visitors then ask them to click on for more information which would take them to your website.

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