Can Someone Explain How Caching Plugins Work? & What Plugin Is Good?

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I vaguely understand what caching plugins do.

Are they somehow related to google cache?

I understand that they speed up your site, but I don't understand how this is done. Only way I can relate it in my mind is to google cache which appears to be a snap shot of your site, rather than individual files (I honestly have no idea what I'm talking about right now).

Also, is the "W3 Total Cache" plugin good for this? I saw someone recommend it online.

From what I understand about caching, it somehow reduces the size of your site. But I don't understand how this works. If I install a plugin, are they easy to understand/use? Do I need to look out for a certain one if I have no idea what I'm doing?

Caching has always confused me but I'd like to make my site quicker if possible.

Thanks guys - Red
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    The plugin makes a static copy of each post/page on your site. When a request comes into the server for a post or page, the plugin sends that static post/page to the user rather than waiting for WP to build the page from the database. The static files are often much smaller, more compressed, and require little or no database calls.

    When you change a post/page and/or at intervals the plugin makes a new copy of each post/page to make sure everything is up to date.

    Caching plugins don't serve the cached static pages to logged-in users. They get the full database post/page.

    Not related to Google's cache at all.
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    I thought this was a decent step by step guide when I was starting with WP. Speed up your WordPress site the right way with this ultimate guide | Wptuts+

    Still is, IMO

    Your biggest lag is coming from your images btw. Hope that helps a little bit
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    I personally use WP Supercache. It does the trick
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    Here is something most of you don't know:
    Wp cache block
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      Unless your server really sucks, or you have tons of visitors
      alll the time, there is no need. This is, after all, 2013.

      And if your server sucks, it won't help anyway. Plus,
      not all servers will do it properly.

      Just one more thing not to worry about, let alone need.
      Ot won't relaly speed things up for anyone.

      Of course I always finish by saying 99% of you do
      not need a bloated CMS like WP to begin with.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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