Is this a normal ranking pattern for a new site?

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Hi All!

I started a site on the 13th of Feb for a niche market KW and have been doing SEO everyday on it.

On the 28th of Feb, it ranked 7th,

2nd of Feb it ranked 9th.

3rd of Feb ranked 19th

a week later was 44th

another week later ranked 84th and it's staying around the 80s currently.

Is this normal, starts off at a good rank then drops, and then slowly climbs up again?

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    I believe so, yes. Every minute, some other site will try to overtake your site from its rank and it depends on you to keep it going. Continue to update your site regularly with great content, avoid spamming so you won't be penalized, and promote your site via social media and video marketing in order to drive traffic towards it.

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      Thanks for the info
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    I think in this case you maybe over-optimizing on one keyword and for one single URL . Do not hurry with link building and build links to multiple keywords and multiple URLs and pay 95% of your attention to improve your content quality. Is it worth linking naturally?
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