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If I make a comment today on a blog for example and it gets accepted today, how long would it take to show up in SEO Spyglass or Google Webmasters? Will it make a difference if I ping it through Pingomatic . com ?
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    It may or may not ever show up. Mainly depends on how often the bots that return that data (to seospyglass and google) crawl the site where the link has been left (and whether they deem it worthy of being picked up as a link from that site - they'll have their own parameters.)

    I don't know the rates that those crawlers publish indexed links but I'd expect a day or two if the site where the link was left is crawled often.

    Right, I'm editing myself - but there can also be a delay in how long it takes for crawled links to be indexed. And whether those indexers are publically displaying those links (and after how long?).

    Edit: Good luck getting an answer on this! But a good question. Too many variables to answer with too much certainty. I wouldn't bother with Pingo matic. Used to use it a couple of years ago - decent indexers don't need 3rd parties to find links.
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    Good info. Thanks!
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    Honestly, with the way things are right now, I think you'd find better ROI in seeking out where your customers might be hanging out online and targeting those sites with ads that you can come to some deal with with the owners. It's pretty much like spreading the old business card around. You should also be be targetting google places if you haven't already and the best select choice of local online directories.

    I'm not saying you can't rank for the keywords in your sites (should be easily possible with a decent SEO) but you should also think about the masses of online traffic available outside of the Google sphere of influence. You'll be less susceptible to SE algorithm changes and other updates.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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