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My website has a decent link profile - i've been quoted and linked to from some high authority (pr 7) sites and have done guest posts on sites with page rank 3-5, and have had press releases etc.. Silly me rented some links about a month and half ago (from a Warrior for hire) and got an unnatural link warning from google. One of my keywords dropped from #3 to #10, but overall haven't seen a major change in traffic, which is good.

In google webmaster the message states that if i can take action to remove the links, I can submit a reconsideration request.

The question is, is it worthwhile to submit a reconsideration request - after all, what am I actually asking google to do? it would probably be deserving that I would drop for a few of the anchor texts that I chose in the link buy - so by doing a reconsideration, what am I asking for, and is it worth while. Has anyone ever done this and has it made a difference?
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  • Lhkorn,

    I have never used the reconsideration request myself but it would seem that if your site is performing poorly in search and you think you can get the links removed, then is might be worthwhile. Keep in mind that you have to be very detailed about how you are stopping the behavior and how it isn’t going to happen again. Google wants more than just an “I promise I have changed”. You have to offer tangible evidence to them.

    Here is a good post with a video from Cutts on what they are looking for,

    Google On Reconsideration Requests: Tell Us About The Link Network Or The SEO | WebProNews

    Hope that helps,

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      Thanks - i'll check out the video - its been a day since i've removed the links and so far no major traffic decline other than 1 keyword that went from 3 to 10. The message states that google has devalued trust in those links, I don't think my site got penalized over all. I guess that's why i dont think it makes sense to submit a reconsideration request...
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    Is it possible that you can put in here the exact message you got from WT? That would be easier to understand.. Also, if you think it is harming and you really need reconsideration, then you should surely go for it
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    Yeah...i agree with everyone here...remove the links and submit a reconsideration request via google...Remember this..If you make google happy it will take you right to the top
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      Thanks everyone. I removed the links and submitted reconsideration. I will update this thread when I hear back from google.
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        Originally Posted by lhkorn99 View Post

        Thanks everyone. I removed the links and submitted reconsideration. I will update this thread when I hear back from google.
        Are you talking about your sig link url? Because that link would be considered "unnatural".

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          I am talking about the URL - but why would it be unnatural? I'm promoting my business within a forum - not to manipulate search rankings.
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