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Just wanted to start a discussion.

I know for most people, Solo Ads are the best source of paid traffic. However isn't it true also that the traffic you will get from solo ads are most likely fellow marketers or people who are in other lists as well who are getting tons of similar emails from other people?

PPC however, say for example Facebook ads. Most people who will see your ads are just ordinary people who probably don't have any idea what internet marketing is. And if your headline is something like "Earn $200 Per Day While Staying at Home", isn't your chance to get them to buy something from you much bigger?

Just my thoughts, wanted to hear what you guys think.
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    My advice is to stop telling people how to make 5-6 figures per month if your not actually making it and we are having this conversation.

    PPC traffic is the best traffic and CPM traffic if you can keep your costs lower than CPC of your campaign.

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    ppc traffic is good traffic but to get that type of traffic fast and regular you often have to jump through a lot of hoops

    i love using solo ads instead because they are easy and no hoops to jump through

    which ever one you use just make sure your funnel converts fairly well otherwise you will go broke very quickly
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    I use both, no point in just limiting yourself to one thing, the conversion process is a little different for each one though.
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    It's very naive to think that people interested in making money online aren't on other people's list... I mean - even if you are only building buyers list those buyers most likely will come from an affiliate...

    Instead of worry about having "the same people" on your list - you should concentrate more on how to stand out from the "other marketer's"...

    I buy a lot of solo ads and the guys I buy the traffic from treat their list completely different than I treat my list so I'm not at all worried about "sharing subscribers" because I feel like I do a good job of converting "freebies" into buyers. So any subscriber to me is a good one.

    Even if you are getting "virgin traffic" (not on other lists) you will still start "sharing" them the moment you promote a product as an affiliate or do an adswap.

    So, in summary - concentrate on giving value to your subscribers and do your best to "stand out" from the other marketer's in their inbox. Always give them value

    Hope this helps.

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    I've done both and PPC is a different animal. I've been able to generate leads from there at a higher cost than a Solo Ad campaign and the solo ad campaign produced them a lot faster. The deal with PPC (especially google) it was a little tricky because they don't like you sending traffic directly to a squeeze page. Well, should I say the didn't like it since I don't have an active account there now.

    With solo ads, you can just construct your copy or let the vendor compile it, and let it rip. Within a specified timeframe, you've got traffic hitting your landing pages.
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    These two methods are using for different dependencies so we cannot fight to that which one is better or best anyway but all you have to do is trying your own let check by yourself which is better to your heart and mind and soul

    Solo Ads - Highly targeting and best way to generate interests traffics and we could assure that traffics would visit again to your sales page or website what ever. Because All IM knows this verse "Money is On The LIST"

    PPC - From PPC I was failed 3 times through FB Ads :@ . Because PPC are very low costs and high impressions but nothing value probably not. If you invested $500 per month for PPC probably you'll generate good traffics and sales too.

    From these both comparison, Solo Ads are working flawlessly in minimal amount just like "$34 for 50 clicks" and it's best for "Affiliate Marketers"
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    lol. Stop kidding huh!
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    All works, choose your poison.
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      Both are actually good paid traffic sources. They are both eligible of fetching you the top spot with exerting that much of an effort unlike paid traffic.

      If you want to know exactly which is better, try them both. What do you think? As far as my research is concerned (I haven’t really used any of these), Solo Ads are preferred by internet marketers.
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    Solo ads are my preference though I have just started to use FB ads for a couple of small campaigns to test and for the cost they have been worth the spend so far!
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    PPC.... better for selling products
    Solo Ads... Better for list building

    Just my experience..
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    I wanted to shine in here... I've done a solo ad and never PPV it CPC using FB but I just discovered a low cost method for FB that might be worth it...

    Will keep you posted on what I learn?


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      Originally Posted by buyitpc View Post

      I wanted to shine in here... I've done a solo ad and never PPV it CPC using FB but I just discovered a low cost method for FB that might be worth it...

      Will keep you posted on what I learn?

      Looking forward to it.

      Personally I've found Solo Ads to be a MUCH better return than FB PPC. But thats speaking from a IM list standpoint. Going after a craft niche or something may yeild better results in FB... but I'm not in any niches like that so I really can't speak from experience.
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    Once you find the right solo ad providers you'll never look back!

    Of course this isn't to say you can just throw up any old product,
    squeeze page, sales page and hope for the best.

    But if you find those solo ad vendors who build lists that are always
    updated with FRESH LEADS on a consistent basis and are hungry
    to know and learn, you are far more likely to see a return on investment.

    This way you can test your funnels whilst adding quality subscribers into
    your business.

    There are a lot of solo ad providers out there at the moment who are just
    using it as a way to make money and not provide a dependable service.

    I've recently seen a blog where some of them were named and shamed.

    Only a matter of time before they go out of business.

    Just provide a great service and you'll last far longer than just thinking
    short term and digging for gold.

    All the best guys.
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