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Hi everyone,

Why there is no index on Google for my site even i check on web master tool there is no message tell my site is spam or any problem, my site was post the message about 7-10 days ago, is there anything that i need to check why is so slow for index
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    If you use Wordpress, make sure that you don't have search engine spiders blocked.
    Jacob Sterbenk, JV Manager
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  • you need to wait for our website to index..
    there is no specified time for website to get indexed..

    but you can go to WMT and then fetch as google and submit it to sitemap, this might help you to index your site faster..
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    I forget to tell already submit site map to Web master tool
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    Originally Posted by kaytav View Post

    submit your site to addurl without the space.
    Complete waste of time. And that's putting it mildly.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Tweet or Google+ your website. This always works for me and I usually get sites indexed within 24 hours.
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    When I bookmark to and, my site is indexed within 24 hours almost every single time. Hope this helps.
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    If your website is new, share on social media sites like Twitter, FB or G+. It will help your new website to get indexed quickly.

    But if your website was indexed in Google before, you have more tasks ahead.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    try to give backlinks from other sites that have been indexed
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    If it is new make sure it has social accounts at the major networks including Google+ and then share some posts via the networks - Google+ in particular.

    Get people to share, +1, tweet your site's pages and get blogging 1-3 posts per day initially and share them on the social channels and make sure you have good internal linking and your site should get indexed pretty quick
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    for on social like fb i just share right my site is amazon aff
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    People, people, people. Are you so dull?

    Normal indexing is from a few seconds, to a couple of weeks.

    You cannot force google to do anything. They hardly need your
    help anyway.

    If your pages take longer than you think, your site has problems
    or just not enough reason to crawl quicker. There's no magic.
    Except giving google more reasons!

    And in case some of you don't know,

    Google is no longer indexing sites from a nofollow link.

    And just what kind of link do you suppose places like twitter are? FB?
    And the rest of people's magical list? Come on people!

    Now thay might lead to someone else posting your link somewhere
    else, without a nofollow, but holy cow! Can't you do the same?

    Some of you act like you are just in the dark, but spew forth stuff
    like some old man in a cave.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    It depends on the website you are trying to get indexed. If it is a blog (on a popular platform like Blogger, Wordpress, Squidoo, etc.), it shouldn't be a problem to rank it easy (just 2-3 quality backlinks -> forums, article marketing or even social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) ) -> If it is your own website (if you wrote the code, it would be harder, but still some more work will be required!)

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