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Hi Guys

i Have 6 Websites For Same Niche And aslo same keyword Can i host Them on same hosting account( Same IP ) can thats affect My Seo and my ranking ?
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    Yes, you can host them on the same account. Simply do not connect them together by linking from one to another. Most websites are on shared hosting with potentially hundreds or even thousands of sites using the same IP address. So it's quite common.
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      doesnt matter niche or keyword, you can host potentially unlimited websites from the same hosting account. Just depends on what the provider limits you to.
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    And it would be cost-effective method if you use shared hosting, all sites can be hosted under one plan, if the sites are small sites.

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    Yes, just use a good host.

    Those cheap "unlimited" ones have hidden limits in the ToS, which usually limit CPU and RAM quite a bit. Hosts that don't offer "unlimited" are usually not so draconian. Sites don't really use space or bandwidth, but do need CPU and RAM.

    cPanel has what they call "addon domains".
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