Why is AdSense not showing on my site? HELP

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So I have been working a little on this site I have about Hawaiian Vacations, and my AdSense is not showing on the site. Iwas using WhyDoWork plugin to display AdSense, do I deactivated and deleted that, and am going to using widgets, I have got the widget in the bottom and right side, and I can see the place holders, but no ads. But the real mystery is that I can still see the place holders from the WhyDoWork plugin. Even though I deleted it.

So anyone got any ideas on what is going on? If anyone missed it, the Hawaiian Vacations is highlighted. I hope I am not doing something I shouldn't, but how will you be able to advise me if you can't see the site.
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    I see your AdSense ads.
    "Listen up close to what I say, because I am going to head out west one day, I heard about a fortune to be made..... and I am going to get it just you wait.. because I heard there is gold in these hills."
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    Are you seeing three, or five sets adlol? I saw five place holders so I stopped there. I wanted to ut another widget to show at the top of my post, under the title, but not sure if that is possible?

    Tim Pears

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    Only three ads you can display, which are displayed already in the body of your site, in right sidebar is not working, because these two are extra.

    Is your website Hacked? Try -> www.sitebeak.com
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test -> www.GAtective.com
    Impersonal Google search? Check -> www.impersonal.me

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    I got rid of that plugin and put them in with widgets. Why is the plugin I too out of there still working. I know I can only have three.

    Tim Pears

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    i only see 3 adsense placements
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    Well something must be going on, on mu end. Maybe it is pulling some crap from cache. I don't know. But as long as it looks ok from out there in internet land, I guess I should not worry too much. Now i just got to get a few more articles up there, and drive some traffic to see if I can make some money.

    Tim Pears

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