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Hello guys I have an article directory site which has a pr of 2, 3-4k unique visitors per month, 23k pageviews per month. If I am going to sell it will it worth 5k? Or if not how much? I am not earning on it yet as I did not ad any monetization in to it.
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    That would be asking a lot in my opinion. More importantly where is the traffic coming from, article marketers? Article marketers are hard to convert to sales, and generally, article marketers makeup a large part of people who visit article directories.

    Even if the visitors are coming from search engines, 3-4k visitors per month is easy to establish.
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    Thanks for your opinion I really dont have any idea about selling a site. But any thanks
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    You need to add monetization and maximize profits before selling the site.

    Having a history of earnings will definitely get you a lot more money for it then a site with just traffic and no profits.

    Ultimately, most serious website buyers are going to judge it's value by how much it is currently earning and how much it is likely to earn in the future, based off current earnings.

    Without any current earnings, the value of your site is greatly decreased.
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    Does your site has unique articles or duplicate??
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    All the articles are unique..
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    I also asked the same question here a few days before. I was thinking to sell my PR4 blog (with 90% organic traffic). It receives 6k+ pageviews per day. But it depends on the buyer, if someone is interested in your site, he / she will pay you a lot, otherwise if you will ask anyone to pay for it, then there will be a lot of deductions and the final price will be extremely low than your expectation. If you want to sell it on a good price, first build it well,, monetize it and then promote it on Flippa or run an advertisement on your own site. It will earn you a good buyer.
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