How to build authority site?

by spen
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Hi guys,

I have a question. How to build authority site?
Authority site doesnt need backlings?

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    It takes a while to legitimately build an authority site. There's tons on the subject here at the WF as well as the internet in general, just make sure you do it legit and not just spam backlinks. That'll do a LOT more harm than good these days. Write amazing and relevant content. Tell people about your content. It'll happen assuming it's relevant.
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    The best way to build an authority site is with great ideas and great content.
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    Originally Posted by spen View Post

    Hi guys,

    I have a question. How to build authority site?
    Authority site doesnt need backlings?

    This is a very wide topic...I have few video tutorials on how to build backlinks and website creation...feel free to visit the my site at my signature below how I did that...

    Feel free to ask me anything....
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    Originally Posted by spen View Post

    Hi guys,

    I have a question. How to build authority site?
    Authority site doesnt need backlings?

    Build from scratch ? It's a long - long journey....
    Authority sites need backlinks and needs a lot.... and a high quality backlinks...
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    Keep all these points also in Mind while building authority website.
    Get a domain name that is keyword friendly
    Creating relevant content
    Make sure the site structure is correct
    Generating themed back-links
    Writing articles and online press releases brings links

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    You cannot build a authority site. New sites mostly have very low authority. The site content, your backlinks quality help you gain authority.
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    The only way to build an authority site (within your niche) is to build a "top notch" content rich site that stay active, has a ton of high quality content, is easily navigated and is maybe interactive with your visitors.
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    You need to be Authoritative. When everyone thinks of you as the Authority in your niche - they'll link to you.
    Free Special Report on Mindset - Level Up with Positive Thinking
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    For creating authority site you may need:

    - Fresh and Keyword Friendly Domain Name
    - Useful Contents
    - Proper Site Structure (like: title tag, anchor text, interlinking, external links ..)
    - Quality Backlinks from other authority sites

    And a lot more time to gain the trust of your visitors.
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    If traffic isn't searching the domain name (not EMD keyword) your not an authority on anything, at least not from a traffic point of view.
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    create lots of fresh high quality content that makes people want to return to read because they can trust the content published is good.
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    It takes several months and lots of work to build an authority site. All the successful website owners must have spent numerous hours working and researching about their niches before even thinking about 'authority'. High quality content, perfect web design and strong backlinks are the backbone of any good site. Throw in a few months/years of hard work, and you might get an authority site. Oh! it doesn't stop at high quality content - you need to know how to write that while incorporating all the SEO factors! And there's more. WF has many threads which have discussed this issue earlier. Check them.
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    What most people seem to misunderstand about Authority Sites is that while having great content is a must, it's the large number of natural citations and links that establish your site as an Authority, not the number of pages.

    I've built several authority sites over the years, and I'm currently working on a couple more.

    Here's the scoop: The biggest task is Marketing.

    You can have an Authority site that is relatively small - so long as people within your market, and particularly the recognized authorities, treat your site as authoritative by linking to it, and mentioning it regularly in Social Media.

    This takes a concerted effort over a long time and in my cases has involved marketing strategies which include outreach by phone, in person at conferences, via email and through appearances in all forms of media. Advertising and Press Releases can play a role, and on top of that inbound marketing or content marketing (I was doing this years before the terms became popular).

    Keyword research and creating high quality evergreen content also helps a lot. When you start ranking at the top of Google on a topic, you start to become the site that is most often linked to when bloggers want to provide their readers with links for further explanation or definitions on a subject.

    Anyway, I could go on for pages on this topic - but the main thing to take away is that Authority is something you earn, you don't simply create it.

    And as Yukon alluded to above - your site hasn't become an authority until your site name appears in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool with a respectable level of monthly searches with respect to your niche - and it's not an EMD (although EMDs can be used for authority sites).

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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      Authority sites are made up of these characteristics:

      1. Authoritative content - In depth, long, and highly detailed information that is likely to get people automatically talking and sharing the information.

      2. Backlinks - Build them yourself at the start if you have to, but people will start automatically linking to you based on your content.

      3. Design - As long as it looks pleasing to look at, clean and neat, and doesn't look like the site was thrown together in 73 seconds, you should be okay.

      I'm not sure what else to say, but those are the main aspects, especially the content.

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    Great reading all the comments some good some not so good.
    Just pick a area and create content about the topic you have chosen
    and just keep working at it.
    Takes time but that is ok you got the rest of your life. The momentum is slow in
    the beginning but it will slowly build up over time.
    Do not try this if your mind set is I want to make money from the get go.
    First 10 Modules for Free.
    Online Business Building Academy
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    Originally Posted by eliteinfoweb View Post

    Create quality, fresh and unique contents, User friendly content which are helpful to improve your traffic and getting quality back link. Generally new website is low authority site.

    SEO Service Provider India | Internet Marketing Service | Social Media Marketing
    It seems around the six month point websites begin to gain real traction.
    Free Special Report on Mindset - Level Up with Positive Thinking
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    Something which is helpful to the society
    Regular works
    Regular content
    Length of domain name registration
    Reliable Hosting
    Good Technical knowledge
    Good Team
    Good Money as well

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    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
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    To build an authority site you need to have relevant and unique content and backlinks from different high authority domain. Building links from different sites with good authority will enable Google to look at your site with high value, thus you’ll gain trust and authority.
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    You need to have fresh unique content on your website all the time. You should not be building any fishy backlinks or anything like that. If you're truly an authority in that area, people will notice your content and link to it themselves.

    Maybe you can build some links in the beginning, but if you constantly have to build links yourself, then it's not an authority site. Authority sites don't need to do much link building once their website starts rolling.
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    when you produce authoritative content and it solves problems that people resonate with they will share it, subscribe and come back Soon people will be coming back to your site over and over again. Also they will be typing your URL directly into the browser. Direct traffic is a strong indicator of authority.

    Most people dont have the determination or guts to continually add content rich media to their site. Stick with it for a year and you will have a powerful site.

    In one year you can build strong PR, get a lot of links and massive traffic / page views plus build a decent email list etc...

    Here are some stats for you to benchmark from my recent case study.

    The indexed pages on SuperFastBusiness (ie: traffic opportunities) on the site have gone from 161 to 2,585 over a year...

    Hitting 2000 visits a day often:

    percentage of new business increases:

    up to 60 opt-ins a day now:

    The main thing to remember is to keep the best content you can coming onto the site, then tell people about it. When you do that well this is like kindling for a fire and others will spread the word.

    Tip: Give away a paid course for free. This made a big difference for me.
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    People do not understand the word authority when talking about websites.
    The basic deficition of an "authority" site, is it has boatloads of content or
    pages. Like amazon, wikipedia, craigslist, ebay, about, WF, digitalpoint, NYT,
    yahoo answers, etc.

    Has little to do with backlinks. Threads on WF can rank within seconds, based
    on the trust and authority of the site. Wikipedia pages cna have PR n/a, no
    links, and yet appear #1 in SERPs, ditto for amazon, yahoo answers...

    Don't confuse being an expert or authority on a subject, and a truly
    authoritative website.

    People that have thin page websites, can rank #1. But that does not
    mean they are an authority site.

    An adjunct to the definition of an authority site, is that the site ranks
    for a plethora of topics, keywords, and keyphrases.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Originally Posted by spen View Post

    Hi guys,

    I have a question. How to build authority site?
    Authority site doesnt need backlings?

    When we speak about authority the first thing that comes in mind is Authority refers to how much power or credibility the search engines give to your site.

    Who says you don't need backlinks??

    The website with the the most backlinks will rank the highest in the search engines!!

    I can share you a book talking about how important handmade backlinks to your site is. the more links you get the more power you could have.

    This will a free copy just pm me then.

    Backlink Wizard
    Ardor Backlinks

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    Looks like two different things are going on in this thread.
    • Authority from a traffic viewpoint.
    • Authority according to Googles algo.

    Like I said earlier in the thread, If people aren't searching the domain name (not EMD keyword), the site isn't an authority as far as traffic is concerned.

    If you think page volume will create authority your wrong. Google will bury 100,000 pages in the SERPs just as easy as they'll bury 10 pages from the same domain.

    Create content that people want, be consistent with relevant pages, build the internal links, & build the relevant external links. If the content is useful for people (job #1) then the external links will be easier to build. Nobody wants to link too a crappy site, give them a reason to want your links on their site (makes life easier when building external links).
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    Google punished some EMD's after they frigged with there algorithms. These were sites that had a good EMD but crappy backlinks and poor content.
    What James says is right but authority sites can be built in less than 12 months if you get genuine topic related backlinks to inner pages that go with the flow of Panda and Penguine.
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    Every site need backlinks. It just depends how & where they got it from.

    A non-authority site may get "artificial" backlinks built by Link Building Tool X.

    While a true authority site gets real backlinks which Site A,B & C link to on their own will.
    Who else needs a SEO Client Dashboard for their SEO services ?
    Let your clients monitor their SEO campaigns (Rankings, Backlinks and Work Done)
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