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around two years ago my adsense account was banned through bad traffic reasons. i had adsense ads on sites which i promoted with cheap bulk traffic. okay i learned from that. the last years i do nothing weith adsense anymore. but in the last weeks i started to build new sites with much unique content. my mother build a new adsense account and i put the codes now on my sites.

i know the adsense rules now much better then before. i only use SEO to let the sites climb and when i buy traffic, then of high quality clicktraffic and no shitty bulk.

my question is now: the domain are registered on my name but the adsense account is on the name of my mother. can i get problems with adsense again? would they close the account when they see my name as domain registar???

or is this no problem when i really only use their ads on sites with high quality content and watch every rule of google adsense??
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