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Hello warriors,

I have been studying google Ads recently, and made Adsense banner areas over my custom site which I am building from scratch. I am pretty occupied with development and I don't have much time to spend on marketing issues yet. Thus, I basically am doing very quickie studies everyday. But all that said, it still does not solve me very idiotic question i have in mind therefore I'd like to question few issues to you experts out there.. I would much appreciate if you can help on these issues. I am very newb to this business and just hard working.

About PPC bids
It said advertisers bid keywords like auction. Are these advertisers are ones that promote their site by making their own Adsense banners and also bid keywords so their banners will match the keywords for higher exposure? Or does it mean that advertisers bid keywords to have according adsense banners they can upload on their blogs/sites? I don't get this advertiser, if they are makers of banners for their own sites OR those that select banners to advertise on their site. An what are they bidding exactly? :S

About Adsense
I would like upload adsense banners on my own site in terms of basic monetization. But visitors are likely to view these Adsense banners of my competitors since google show banners related to their recent keyword input. Is it possible to filter the competitors banners?

These are 2 questions I have in my mind and have been always curious about! help.. thanks to ya all.
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    Confused about your questions. Are you doing ad words, or are you using AdSense on your website? If you're using AdSense, then the banners and ads that show up on your website will be related to what Google thinks your website is about. For this reason, you must make sure that your content on your website matches what your website is about. Otherwise, your click through rate will be very low.

    As far as AdSense goes, you don't upload banners to your website. You put your AdSense code on your site, and the ads will appear according to your content topic as stated above.
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  • Raxux,

    Msritter offers some good advice about how adsense ads are applied to your site. I just wanted to add more about your keyword question.

    When Google talks about keywords as they relate to AdSense, they are talking about keywords chosen by advertisers in AdWords for display advertising (banners). To illustrate, advertisers pick their keywords for display ads while at the same time, website owners who have signed up for adsense, configure their websites to target advertisers who have chosen specific keywords. So the two are connected without even really interacting with one another.

    An advertiser chooses their keywords and Google scans your site. If your site is relevant to those advertisers’ keywords, Google displays that advertiser’s ads on your site. This is why msritter’s point about having your content be highly relevant and consistent is so important. If you have keywords that trigger ads on your site that have nothing to do with the overall theme for the site, the people seeing the ads will not click on them because they aren’t relevant.

    More on how placements and keywords work together,

    How placements and keywords work together - AdWords Help


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