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Ok so this might seem like a dumb question but let's say I want to purchase a domain name....

Four words...the first two being a company name and the latter two being a niche they are involved with.

How does this relate when people do a search? What I mean by this is do they have to put in ALL four words of the domain for it to show in the SERPS or will it still have an effect on my domain in the SERPS if they were to search purely for the company name (first two words) or the niche (3rd & 4th words)??

I don't know if it's better to buy a domain name that is highly targetted to search criteria or if it's better to use a more memorable domain name and learn how to SEO the site itself if that makes sense?

Again, sorry if these are dumb questions but I'm no SEO expert!

Thanking you all in advance,

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    Do you want to build your brand image (to make people to get back to your site again and again) or to rank in search engine?

    brand image:
    memorable domain name will be better , but it takes longer to rank in search engine as you build authority

    kw in the domain (EMD or that stuff):
    I believe it helps in ranking but longer name.

    shorter and memorable domain will be the best I think

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    SEO wise, pretty much no difference at all now. Brand wise, it's much better to just go for the company name if it's available.

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