7Search Bad Referrer Criteria?

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I would appreciate any tips on identifying poor and non converting sources on 7Search (I really don't handle paying for fake clicks very well).

It's commonly know that one has to block the subIDs of shady data sources, after having the tool enabled you can block up to 100 sources.

So far one Affiliate that accounted for 20% of my traffic used identifiable fake clicks, he had a bunch of sites using the same simple search index template, a joke site with ridiculous terms in generated page headers and a couple photo gallery sites.

Another Affiliate (AFFID) sending about 10% of the clicks turned out to have over 775 sites with a simple search bar and no content, can't be good quality source, his clicks went through Bizzclick.com anyone know the implications of this? Had to block about 8 AFFID-RID numbers to block those 775 sites using multiple domains on a single host.

Got a few clicks from someone who would create a blog guest account using a keyword as a user name and place a keyword anchor text link lifted directly from an advertisement on their profile page, probably generating his own clicks as well.

I understand that subIDs are different for each advertiser account so blacklists can't be shared...
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