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So I'm using Market Samurai for KW research, competition analysis and so on. And one of my competitors is a Squidoo Lens.

So, yeah, I go to the SEO competition module, press "generate results" and, expected, the lens pops up. The page, alone, has almost 500 backlinks, according to majestic.

Since I don't have a Majestic account, and don't have money to pay for one, I try to use the "Anchor Text Analysis", which is almost the same, but free. What it does it shows a list of the most common anchor texts for links that point to the page. With the total number according to majestic being 500, this module only shows about 220 for the specific page, which is still okay.

I stand amazed at the results - two thirds (2/3) of the results come from two or three websites (out of those 220!). And this competitor page has PR5, and ranks #1 for most KW's I'm trying to rank for, without even optimizing for them.

So, is Google trusting Squidoo too much, or can I begin and build hundreds of crappy backlinks to my website as well?

P.S See the results. This is a link of the exported csv file, uploaded to Google Drive. Is it me, or am I getting something wrong?

P.P.S I would mention the site, but I wouldn't want to be the bad guy. PM me if you would like to check for yourself
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