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I'm using this extension to Chrome and as well as some great features, it also offers keyword density report for each page.

What bothers me is the way that the keyword density calculation is a bit strange. The extension is using some other formula than the conventional (KW/total words on page).

Total words on page: 1193 (whoa)
The example for that is: the word "blood" occurs 38 times and has a density of 3.19% (that's according to SEOquake and when you divide 38 and 1193, so it's okay for now). But, the KW "blood sugar" appears only 29 times, yet the tool says that the KW has a density of 4.86% (which is 29/1193 multiplied by 2, check). Isn't the keyword density of "blood sugar" supposed to be only 2.43%?

Or am I totally embarrassing myself right now??
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