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Hey guys,

I thought I would share this with you. As we all know there are lot of different services out there on fiverr. And when someone buys something then the fiverr guy gets $3.80 which is extremely LOW.

However, you can actually find some really good gigs out there. For example, few weeks ago I found a guy who made banners/logo's n stuff for $5. So, I quickly checked his previous work and I saw that the banners and logos he made are simple and nice yet they have lack of real "effort". Well, what do you expect for $5, lol?

Anyway, I contacted him and said I wanted a banner and a logo. This kind of work is usually around $100 (I mean high quality) - I have outsourced this kind of work from elance and odesk and some other guys who work professionally, but never on fiverr. I believed he could make a really nice/good looking design I needed.

So, I asked him "how much?" He quickly responded $10 (2 gigs= 1 for the banner + 1 for the logo).. Well, good enough, but then I sent him message saying that "Hey, I will pay you $40 if YOU REALLY PUT AN EFFORT IN IT"... After few hours he replied and we made a deal. He was totally blown away that I offered him like 8 GIGs instead of 2. And the logo+banner he made was really high-end. It was something worth way more than $40.

I implemented something similar with a press release writer. He made a 400-word pressreleases for $5. I asked him to send previous works and quickly realized he has the potential to write much more better. All the pressreleases were somewhat similar, lack of creativity and so on, but since he was native speaker I gave it shot. I sent him $25 for writing a 600 word press release. I was totally blown-away with the press-release he wrote, it was professionally made and I saw that he had put a lot of effort in it.

So for conclusion, I would say: Yeah, fiverr is cheap, but when you only pay $5 it's way too less to get something professional. You better encourage them with sending more money and you might be blown away with the quality. Some of the guys on fiverr are somewhat talented yet broke and lack of money. So if you do some research you will find some real gems. And why not to use them for your future projects as well?
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    Good tips. I have found some very good freelancers through fiverr gigs and the low price of entry enables you to try out a lot of different people.
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    I fully agree with you. I always use Fiverr when I need SIMPLE and fast work (like data entry, quick research, small logos, etc.) // For SEO -> NO!

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    Fiverr is probably THE MOST under appreciated monster way to get started in business for sellers with creativity and definitely something a lot of buyers THINK they know how to use properly, but i can guarantee...they do not.

    Its such an amazing platform on so many levels.
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    Good tips, great way to snipe some inexpensive work, especially compared to oDesk.com (which is already pretty inexpensive)

    Fiverr is great is you know how to use it. People consistently banking? Those Reselling fiverr services to their client base
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    Hi Online Only,

    Great tips!
    I've worked with Fiverr vendors in the past, hit and miss but never offered more money for better results.
    Thanks for bringing this up. There are some talented providers there if you take the time to weed them out.

    I'm going back there right now!

    Thanks again.
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      I think that is awesome advice!

      Not for getting very professional quality work on the cheap only, but for changing someone's life. I imagine that what you paid him is going to swirl around in his mind for a while. As it does, it hopefully will cause the confidence in his work to rise up and instill courage in him to branch out on his own as he realizes the skill and talent that he possesses is worthy of more than a measly 5 bucks.

      How awesome would that be to be the one to inspire someone to reach their potential and see their aspirations and dreams come to fruition!

      I imagine if more people did as you did, many honestly talented people could shake of the shackles of Fiverr and see some financial freedom! Awesome!

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    You get what you pay for. i completely agree with you , $3.80 is sometimes way too less when you are looking for a high quality service/product. I have been doing the same thing quite often and it seems to work for me too. You just need to make them believe they can perform better and you will pay more for extra effort they put it. But i have also found that, some sellers are really reluctant and lazy and they are not willing to put in extra effort to cope up with your expectation. Nevertheless, good and hard working sellers are not to hard to find on fiverr. Waiting for the launch of fiverr v 2.0 where gig extras will upto $500.00 which is huge. Waiting for the launch to test it.
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    Good advice!

    Encourage good people is a great idea and it works.
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    Awesome advice as always, Online Only! There probably are a lot of awesome people on Fiverr that just need a little more money to put in the effort to do a great job.
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