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Quick (but very valid) question time.

So you, as an SEO, take on a new project for a client who wishes to boost his rank. Say his business is auto mechanics.

In order to write good content, it is essential integral to have good knowledge on the subject at hand.

Withouth backlinks the site will not rank. To build backlinks, one must take part in writing guest blogs, blogs on own site, forum interactions etc. etc. - how can you confidently interact with people in that community without the knowledge of mechanics?

Same thing with social media - Yes, its all great have 2000 followers/likes - but again if a question is asked on the facebook page - do you get the client to answer? How does it work?

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  • Yes a very good question sunny,

    If you are starting out on your own, you may have to be the knowledgeable person yourself. So yes you would have to do a little research on topics in order to manage community properties and write about it convincingly. Once you get a little busier or get more income under your belt, I would suggest hiring a writer/research person to do this for you. Writing content can be one of the most time consuming tasks for an SEO. Its also one of the most delicate and important tasks. If you do hire someone, make sure you keep an eye on what they are doing and that they do it well.

    Also, getting your client involved is also a best practice. Often this is not practical because they have neither the time or the desire to participate. Sometimes they do want to help though and as long as they follow your guidance, this is a best case scenario.

    Hope that helps,

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    Call up the client with questions, record the call, transcribe the audio and then convert the transcript into written content.

    Here's some starter questions:

    What should people look for in an auto mechanic?
    What training do auto mechanics have to do to become competent?
    Is being an auto mechanic getting easier or harder because of the computerisation of cars?
    Is it important that auto mechanics do specialised training in certain models of cars?

    You will usually find that people in the trades can talk all day about their topics of expertise, but ask them to put it in writing and their brain freezes up.
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      Answer is simple

      Charge enough to hire someone knowledgeable enough to write on the subject. you cannot become an expert in everything and constantly harassing your customer with questions or to write things is not good. They hired you to do what you do so they can do what they do. At initial interview and sign up with you you can cover some things but I wouldn't be relying on the client the whole way.

      The social thing may be different if they are positioning themselves as the answer person or developing a rep but by and large at the right cost its your job to get the content.

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    You don't need social media and forum interaction to rank a site.

    For the rest there are writers that you can hire, they do a bit of research on the topic and write relevant content. No need for interaction. Most SEO companies have their own networks and don't even need guest posting to rank their clients.
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    That's a good question Sunny. It's always wise to have knowledge in the niches you enter. Keyword research, domain name selection, getting unique content sorted out and then the all important back linking strategy which you are familiar with. Remember most of these things can be outsourced but if you really want to master the project from start to finish, you will need to follow a plan which includes the above stuff I've mentioned. The SEO game has changed so building quality back links, web 2.0, guest blogs etc will all have to be done consistently and again by following a plan of action.

    Good luck!
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