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So I had a KW which was not so competitive half an year ago and bought almost an EMD (hq at the end of it) but now the top 10 is full of PR3-5 and although their onsite optimization isn't at all competitive, it would take me one heck of a backlinking campaign to rank for those terms.

I thought about selling the website for some small fee, but then I thought that I can just change the keyword to something that isn't all that competitive. This involves a lot of work, but I think it would be a better solution.

Does anybody have experience doing this. I prefer changing the keyword rather than getting a new domain and hosting for another word because I'm short on money at the moment.
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    Higher keyword doesn't mean higher competition for your specific keyword.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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      Originally Posted by GodMode52 View Post

      Higher keyword doesn't mean higher competition for your specific keyword.
      Higher Keyword? Say what? I was asking whether it is a good idea to change my main keyword while keeping the old domain which contains my old keyword.
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    just yesterday i watched a very interesting interview on pat flynn's blog, maybe it helps:
    Niche Site Duel 2.0 (pre-launch) – What’s Working in SEO Right Now with Alex Becker
    basically the SEO guy suggests to buy nearly expired domains for a small amount and link from them to your site. these domains you buy are higher pagerank.
    BUT - i don't think you need to do that.
    if you simply start adding more and more content on your site google will find the keywords you rank for, no need to change anything.
    market your site instead of worrying too much about keywords ;-)

    Free Business Class on Skillshare:

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    Backlink to your site with the new keyword! NO need to change anything there.
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    Think if it's profitable or not. Think about ROI.

    If you think it's highly profitable then take some time, learn some whitehat SEO. If you do things right you will hit the first page (first spot) in a matter of time.

    If you think it's not worth the hassle, then simply sell the site on flippa for example.

    In either, way good luck
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