Is anyone still using Article Samurai?

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I was just wondering if anyone is using this tool in May of 2013? I had a subscription, but suspended it because of all the crazy googleness that's happend in the last year. I saw a WSO offer for someone using it, but they seem to have disappeared.

I had some solid results and got some solid backlinks, only to learn that the niche I was working on didn't have the traffic I thought it did (my mistake in Market Samurai).

I'm looking for a reason to re-activate my account, but due to other aspects of my business these days, I'm having a hard time doing much writing, and have a bigger issue paying that kind of $$$ each month for something that I'm unsure of, and committing tall the time and effort needed for spinning and writing, etc. (perhaps something I could have my VA do.)

If anyone is getting results with it, I'd love to hear about what you're doing.
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    hmmm... based on the responses, I guess not
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    I dont think article Samurai is a favorite of many webmasters ...
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      No doubt that you're right - I just find it at least interesting that there hasn't been more talk about it. Could be that NS didn't open it up for everyone (and its model has a lot to do with this), but I'm not really even hearing much from those who have it and are using it.

      In their defense, the NS team has told me that subscribers are being successful with it, and have adapted it to the Google changes of late last year. I'd love to hear from other users, but I can't seem to find them.
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    Thanks for the input - and I totally get the "spammy" part. I did see a few good backlinks though when I was using it, and I've got several that have persisted even though it's been months and months since I've used it.
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      Originally Posted by RobOrracle View Post

      I did see a few good backlinks though when I was using it, and I've got several that have persisted even though it's been months and months since I've used it.
      It's possible, of course. But one has to off-set against that the (now increasingly common) heavy penalty risks discussed above, in the knowledge that Google's "Penguin update" was specifically designed to penalize the sites linked to by backlinks appearing to conform to that kind of overall pattern. My suggestion is to "stay well away".
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    I built a site for a client in early 2012 and did some SEO primarily using Article Samurai and No Hands SEO.

    I got it to rank #1 for several keywords and had it on page 1 for many others ... getting between 3,000 - 4,000 visitors per month, all from organic search.

    I'm not working for the client any more, and haven't built any links for about a year now, but their rankings still update every day in Rank Tracker ... their #1 rankings have held for the last year, but with the Penguin 2.0 update the other day, they all dropped.

    Every #1 lising is now at either #5, #6, #7, or #8.

    Now, I'm not saying that this is Article Samurai's fault, or that it's the fault of No Hands SEO ... here's what I am saying.

    I feel that Article Samurai and No Hands SEO both served to get great results for the client a year ago -- and the rankings stuck without any more effort on my part.

    With the Penguin 2.0 update, overall visibility dropped, but they didn't get a huge penalty.

    Could it be that if I still used AS and NHSEO and built a few more high-quality links in the mix, they'd still be on top? Hard to say.

    I don't use either in my current SEO work for clients, so I don't know.

    But, you asked for my experience, and I haven't really used AS since the work I did for that client ... so there you have it.
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