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Hello all,

I'd seen many people talking about Google Trends and its daily use in SEO. I had tried many times to visit at Google Trends but really don't understand what it is meant for. I guess its something about keywords but how differ from Google Adword.

Please share your thoughts about Google Trends and how it can help in better SEO.

Thanks for reading.
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    Google Trends shows the trending searches for each day. People use it to identify new keywords that are currently popular and try to capitalize on their popularity. Adwords show the amount of searches a keyword had for the last 30 days.
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    It is another Google search tool that allows you to see/research how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases have been queried over specific periods of time.
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    thanks for reply.
    I need some help to understand how to read graphical representation in Google trends.
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    The search volume isn't actually displayed in Google Trends.

    The graph represents a scale of 0 to 100. When the trend peaks at 100 that was the period in time when that search term was most popular. It's for identifying trends not search volume.

    You can however cross reference search volumes so you don't target a keyword you think gets 10,000 searches per month only to find out it's rarely searched for 6 months of the year.
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    The numeric data on the graph tells how many searches have been done for a specific term, relative to the total no. of searches done on Google over the period of time. They don't give absolute search volume, because the data is normalized and given on a scale from 0-100. The highest point is 100 and when enough data is not available, graph gives you 0 value.

    You can see another graph when you apply the Category filter. This graph tells you the change over time as a percentage of growth, with respect to the first date on the graph. That's why instead of a 0-100 scale on the y-axis of the category comparison graph, you will find a scale with a range of -100% or +100%, and a starting point of 0.

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      You can also use Google trends to see if the searches are rising or falling, and for seasonal evergreen fluctuations.

      As for fads and hot trends this can make a major difference. What you're viewing in your browser can be dramatically different than the actual numbers. You need to keep in mind that the search volume seen in YOUR BROWSER is a monthly average of the previous 12 months. So it makes a big difference if you catch it when it's rising, or after it's already peaked and falling.

      Using the GAKT you need to manually click on "Columns" then "Local Search Trends" then click Apply (important). Then do an "Exact Match Search" and download the csv file.

      Do it for several fad items and you'll see what I mean. If it's rising the ACTUAL search numbers (in your browser) will be lower, but when it's falling the search numbers will be higher.

      When viewing the number of searches in your browser the search numbers are almost always skewed.
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    It is all about knowing trend of keyword in relation to time, throughout year you would be able to see the search graphs which tells you the searches of keywords, if there is not much ups downs then it is good........

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    thanks for all replies but how to select best keyword in a bunch of keywords from "Google Trends". Can I select keyword as per geographical locations.
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    Here is the first step to choose among the keywords:

    i) Check whether popularity is rising, falling or staying static.
    ii) Compare the relative popularity between two to five keywords you want to choose.
    iii) Google Trends is also a quick way to compare between the singular and plural version of your keywords.
    iv) It allows you to compare the volume of news stories related to the keywords you're comparing and gives you a bar chart that divides the results by selected cities, regions and world languages.

    For example, if you're not sure which would be a more popular keyword, "Denims" or "Trousers". Go to Google Trends in the browser. Type "Denims, Trousers" in the box. You don't need to add the quote marks, just add comma between each search term you want to check. You can enter as many as 5 comma-separated keyword phrases at a time. Once done, click the Search Trends button. It returns a color-coded line graph that shows the frequency for which your specified terms were used in a Google search query for the past three calendar years.

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    It's also a useful tool for comparing relative volume of keywords, so 100,000 monthly searches for a keyword can sound great, but it's possibly a million 2 months ago and 10,000 today.
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    Google trends shows searches over a period of time, graphically. if its popular, regional searches may appear

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    It is a tool like google keyword tool. We can analyze the trends of keywords which select for targeting from 2004. It is the best tool to optimize the keywords.

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    You can use G trends to search for products that are in demand. You can make use of this when searching for a product or niche you want to promote.
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    Google Trends is an online search tool that allows the user to see how often specific keywords, subjects and phrases have been queried over a specific period of time. Google Trends graphs how often a term is used over time and where geographically most people are searching for a given term.
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