Facebook Advertising SUCKS!!!!!!

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Hey Fellow Warriors,

I recently launched a split test for my squeeze pages using facebook as my advertising platform. I set up my 4 different ad copy and was approved this morning. Initially I received some impressions and traffic with my highest performing ad having a .5% CTR and was initially beginning to see opt-ins. By the time 12:00pm rolled around all of sudden the traffic stopped and the impressions stopped, I was like, "What the hell is going on?". So I thought I probably bidded a little too low so I kept raising my bid and kept raising my bid until I overbid the suggested bid by atleast $.50 and still didn't receive any traffic after waiting a few hours.

I checked my billing limit and it's unlimited, I tried changing from CPC to CPM and still nothing. I've tried changing a ton of things and still nothing. So what the heck is going on? Does anyone know? Has anyone else experienced similar results? I've done a ton of research all day to find an answer including here on warriorforums and it seems that I'm not the first to experience this and seems like it's been going on for over almost a year now with facebook. If someone can please explain what I could do or what's happening I will really appreciate it the help. PLEASE HELP!!! Cuz this is very very frustrating. I'm beginning to look into other advertising networks but facebook seems straight forward and easy to use since I'm kind of a beginner.

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    It sounds like the people on Facebook aren't very interested in your ad or site.

    Facebook does not work well for all markets. People are there to waste time and look at pictures. It's much easier to use FB ads to build up fan page popularity.
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      Originally Posted by PerformanceMan View Post

      It sounds like the people on Facebook aren't very interested in your ad or site.

      Facebook does not work well for all markets. People are there to waste time and look at pictures. It's much easier to use FB ads to build up fan page popularity.
      Yeah. That's right. I also tried 2 times, and one of them was a completely useless, the other one -> I got 100+ clicks and made only 1 sale at all.. Better go with PPC or just optimize your offer in Google, Facebook is NOT a good method for advertising (according to me!)

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    If your ad is getting horrible click-thrus, Facebook will show other ads getting more clicks even if they bid a little less. Facebook is not making any money if nobody is clicking. Sounds like that is what happened.

    Depends on what kind of niche you are in, but for most niches, Facebook is a horrible advertising medium. People are spending time on Facebook to be "social". They are not shopping. Advertising on Facebook is about the equivalent of trying to sell someone a vacuum... in the middle of a bar.
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    Hi Chris,

    I dont know whats your monthly budget to advertise on Facebook... but if you are willing to spend $1500 per month on facebook ads, then I would suggest you join Face Book Start to Success Program, you will get account manager from Facebook, who will help you to setup some catchy ads and also to keep an eye on your ads performance.. you can also review ads with the account manager once or twice on the phone and he will be able to identify the strength and weakness of our ads..
    i have personally been with them on start to success program and trust me i learnt so many things with them...
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    In general, using fb ads have a bad reputation of generating money online.

    Many IM marketers fail using fb ads for their campaigns. I personally think there are other more effective platforms to market your business.
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    I myself haven't had much success with fb ads, so stopped using it awhile ago.
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    Hi there,

    I really cant understand why everybody is writing that FB is a BAD platform to advertise?

    Are you serious?!

    Yes it may be true when You selling a vacuum in the middle of the bar ( as someone mentioned above ), but don't forget what Facebook is..People are logging in to socialize and what they do the most is looking at pics..And after they see so many "good looking" friends in great shape what do you think they think about...Probably, damn I need to lose weight..

    Or damn, all my friends have a ton of Money so they start to think about extra money making opportunities and so on and so on..

    So anyone who said that Facebook is a BAD advertising platform is probably selling a vacuum to JAPAN users form 13 - 16.

    P.s. Regarding the ads being stopped after couple of hours :

    I have the same problem, even in CB my hop count keeps increasing...

    So probably this is some kind of freeze that Facebook ads have..
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    I have had much better success with seo than facebook these days.
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    I just observed that there are people that disagrees and some agrees to this kind of form. Facebook Advertising. Some said that it has a bad implications. Yes, but we also think that even though it has its effect, we should consider how it was being implemented to the public.
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    people on fb looking for friends and not for products
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    Of course, traffic on social sites don't convert good, as they are there for other purposes..

    Is your website Hacked? Try -> www.sitebeak.com
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test -> www.GAtective.com
    Impersonal Google search? Check -> www.impersonal.me

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    I heard already FB advertising isnt that great, you need to be in specific niches to become successful in this platform. Just think of the audience on FB and you can just get an idea what would be ideal and what wouldnt. I would stay away business related things, FB ideal for entertainment niches or dating.
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