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by andrej
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I wonder if a link from a blog that was deindexed by Google can harm my website? Or will it just not count as a link, as the blog will not be indexed by Google, but no any harm?

I don't mean that I want to get links from deindexed blogs, but let's say I have a link on one blog and it might get deindexed in future.
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    1 link from a de-indexed blog is not a problem. If you have multiple links from de-indexed blogs this can definitely become an issue. Google judges your site by the sites that link to it. If many of the sites have been deemed such low quality that they were de-indexed it shows Google that your site may be of a similar quality.
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    If the blog has been de-indexed then why Google is gonna a crawl the blog again and identify your link it that. Any way it is better to add those links in disavow tool.
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    Links from the deindexed blogs wont be counted but you will loose the linkjuice of the backlink it produced(if it produces some). If the site gets deindexed then your backlink count from that domain would be removed. Now lets say, you have purchased a whole bunch of backlinks from a blog network and if the whole network gets deindexed then you can see huge Negative SERP movements. So the number of sites where you are getting the backlinks contribute to the factor.
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    Thank you for your replies.
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    Your site link juice will be reduced when linking site de-indexed.
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