Is It Possible to Find for What Keyword(s) a Website is Ranking in the Top 10 of Google?

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I wondered if there was an application/website (if possible free) to find out for what keyword(s) a Website is ranking in Google and in what position (top 10 is enough).

Something like what is doing but free... and I only need the keywords (spyfu has a ton of metrics and some keywords, but we need to pay to get more than 7-8). :confused:
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    You can try SEMrush... they have a free version that might help you out.
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    +1 for SEMRush
    Gets the job done and done well.
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    I've used SEMRush. Powerful tool. You can REVERSE ENGINEER your competition's SE rankings using that tool. Works great for kw discovery too
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      We need to pay to see all the keywords.
      I found a "free trial" coupon but it doesn't work anymore.
      But the application seems really interesting!
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        I have been testing SemRush for 3 hours yesterday. It gives you free trial as soon as you get registered. Unfortunately it limits the number of results you are able to see to 10, but it is helpful that it allows you to sort and in this case you get new results into top 10 and as the result can see 3-5 times more data. The greatest benefit of the tool is that it gives you ALL keywords your site is ranking. Sometimes when you target 2-3 keywords they may not rank so fast, but instead there may be other relevant keywords you are starting to rank because of the SEO efforts you apply to the site. So far this is the fastest tool to give you the list of these keywords.
        I've enjoyed the tool, although i have used the given free number of reports i could generate and have been kicked out to the pay page
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    Log in to your Google analytics, set primary dimension to keyword, select traffic source as organic. The top 10 keywords which contributed visits will be listed out. The top visits will be from top ranking keywords.
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