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Should I use adwords to promote my blog or should I go with Bing and are they both the same?
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    Adwords is nice to bring traffic ... bing also.. why not both?
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    Have you done this before? I'm guessing not.

    Start with one, and get it right before doubling your risk...

    Once you're confident then sure, do more traffic sources...

    Martin Platt

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    What about... BingWORDS!?

    Okay, all kidding aside.

    You should stick with one. I have never used either but if I had enough money to invest I would go for Ad-words since most people recommend it.

    Good luck!
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    If you are not in a very competitive market, you can try out adwords. Why not try both of them out if you have some experience in PPC marketing.

    For me personally, I will just choose one and stick to it.
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    I`d check out some coupons first. No matter with what you start, having coupons will make you spend a lot less.
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    From my own experiences, Bing actually converts much better than Adwords. The problem with Bing is, where it makes up in conversion rates it lacks in volume. Heh, I guess you can't have the best of both worlds!
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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    Should I use adwords to promote my blog or should I go with Bing and are they both the same?
    Look for coupons first off. Adwords dosent really like affiliates...so if you are selling your own product then id try adwords but if it is about affiliate products use bing/yahoo though as someone already said there is not as much traffic...
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    I would start with adwords... Adwords made me money and the system is more flexible.

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    Originally Posted by deebee23 View Post

    Should I use adwords to promote my blog or should I go with Bing and are they both the same?
    You should use as many legitimate traffic sources as you can, as long as they bring you an acceptable ROI.
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    I would prefer Bing Ads. Bid prices are lower. Customer support is better for small accounts.
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    I will always prefer Google Adwords for Best Results. I had tried Bing Also, But Very Disappointed with the result. The click Conversions are very low.
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      Bing is a lot more easy going than adwords...

      If your new to doing PPC chances are adwords will find a problem with your blog and cut you off until you fix those issues. Bing on the other hand is a lot more lenient...

      What ever you decide, be sure to compulsively track your results...

      Good Luck!

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    It is a better choice for you to start with Google Adword, as google adword is a large and growing distribution network.
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    Google Adword is a great place to get started due to the ability to rapidly change ads and bids, it is constantly coming out with new features
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    I do PPC for my websites and thats about it. Normally I start with Adwords, and once I determine a base line ( a point where my expenses are lower than my profits) I export the campaign to bing and other networks to grow the traffic.

    Keep in mind though different networks with different traffic, just bc your adwords campaign is successful does not mean your bing campaign wont need tweaking

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    I would do both. Adwords is a bit stricter and does have a lot more traffic but more is not always better in the PPC world. Bing is rock solid too.
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    I'd use both myself but if that's not possible then AdWords all the way!
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    Depends on your budget. If you have no problem with your budget, you can run both Adwords & Bing ads. But you must test... test... test... to find best conversion rate.
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    I would suggest you for adwords as it has large percent of interest user and If you have lots of money you can also try bing and yahoo.
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    Bing all day, Adwords hates affiliates...

    Unless you want to take the time to build a site then you can do either one.
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    I would suggest adwords which can generate high quality traffic to the website.
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    I suggest bing if you are beginner in PPC. Since adword is so competitive
    And also don`t forget to find some coupons to use to reduce the risk
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    I do not really rate Bing that highly, Google Adwords is better.

    It is not a bad idea to try out both, you have not much to lose.
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    i like both and pump thousands through each every month, but BING gives best ROI, but we test more in BING as the CPC is cheaper. But they are still good for both targted traffic, and we use both and so should you.
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    Both have their own policies and Deliver results according to that. I will suggest go for both.
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    well for me.. I'll use both, why? because both are different search engine apps. traffic from google adwords are different from bing. also the results are different on both.
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    I vote for Adwords but Bing isn't bad
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    Adwords is very nice if you know how to use them. Plus you can start almost free, just buying Adwords voucher at Fiverr for 5 bucks.
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    I would recommend Adwords because it offers plenty of traffic and works well. If you are new to adwords, keep in mind you will have a learning curve.
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