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What are important SEO questions and points to ask an SEO Services company?
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    You mean when you are outsourcing SEO?


    1) Can I see your previous work (already ranked websites)
    2) What kind of links do you build
    3) How much money do you charge (obvious)
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    Depends a bit in what price range you are looking for, the ones that start at $500+/month you often don't have to ask if they use spun content or spammy links, as one may assume that when charging such amounts they know what they are doing.

    In case you're looking for your seo provider on IM forums then it's an absolute minimum to ask that type of things as about 98% uses spun content or automated software to build the back links.

    There's a lot of discussion going on how well Google can detect spun content, and I am sure they can till a certain extend, but with better quality spun content it becomes a lot harder for them to detect so you could say it's safe but you never know how fast it can go with technology, 2 years ago or so I read that they were busy with some new chip that would be 100-200x faster then the current ones. Ones that becomes true then Google has a lot more cpu power and thus it would be a lot easier to detect spun content and such. Better be safe then sorry.
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  • Here is my two cents -

    1. What do you need from me to be successful? - SEO can be done without great content but to be successful long term, you will need to provide good content to be optimized. Those who are looking to create success for you will be honest about this. Those that just want to get your money will minimize the amount of responsibility you need to take.

    2. How can you help me get a good return on investment for what I invest? - Most SEO companies talk about first page rankings. However, a ranking is useless if it does not result in traffic and, eventually conversions. Find out how to company will help you get get better conversions.

    3. Can you give me examples of your greatest successes with clients? - The purpose of this question is to weed out those companies that just speak about theory and those companies that have real life experience.

    4. Can you give me an example of a client that you worked with that was not successful? - Every provider has a situation where something did not work. Personally, I look for a provider that will reveal a mistake that they made or something they learned here as opposed to blaming the other party.

    Every time I start to work with a provider, I trust my instinct and get it set in my mind that this probably will not work. Then, I ask myself how much I am willing to lose.

    Then, any result that they produce will be a bonus.
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    That sounds like solid advice guys thank-you if anyone has something that has not already been covered let me know.
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    What are important SEO questions and points to ask an SEO Services company?
    • Have you ever had a fiverr account?
    • Have you ever sold links on a forum?

    That will narrow down the list pretty quick.
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