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Hi guys I know there are numerous threads on numerous tools. but I just wonder if anyone has a view on the best customer friendly reporting tool.

Ideally I would like to do research on customer's keywords with number of monthly queries traffic/hits where they currently rank for these and be able to export or download as a simple to understand report.

I know Goggle's keyword tool will do the job but really want something that will dig out longer keywords and that can also tell me where a customer sits for those terms in SERPS.

Most customers do not want in depth analytics but just a simple to understand report that then can ne used to keep them updated as to progress

Right now still using combination of Google keyword tool and Serpfox
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    crazy stuff...I'm looking for exactly the same thing

    reporting + keyword research software...anyone have any suggestions? Would really appreciate it.
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      Rank Tracker has those features. It's a software you purchase for a one-time fee.

      However, in order for the software to stay up-to-date with the latest search engine updates, they charge you a "Search Algo Update" fee which is basically a subscription fee.

      There are several other alternatives available, search this forum.

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