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OK so i was reading this forum and i see a lot of people asking for help and struggling to make money with ad-sense and I in the past was making between $ 55-$ 65 per day on it and I know to some that ain't a lot but to me it was a nice extra income; i was able to do this all within 14 months but got my first check 2 months after joining adsense here is how to replicate this. First and Foremost you must make the Google keyword tool your best friend and if you are unfamiliar with it here is a great 40 minute YouTube video explaining how to use it . The Google keyword tool will show you how many people are searching for a particular group of keywords in a given month. OK now I want to show you a technique that I have used to consistently rank on the first page of Google before I sold my website and am employing on my new website with success; with this technique I ranked on the first page of Google 46% of the time or 29 out of 63 articles again not huge numbers but doing this consistently will yield a nice amount of $$$ .Lets get started feel free to follow along go into Google keyword tool were it says word or phrase type in how to grow a website and make sure that keyword ideas is highlighted click search. The Global Numbers are 8,100 and the Local are 2,400 local is the country that you have selected where it says location. Click on that phrase and then select "Google search" you will see a results list of 659,000,000 and no your not competing against that many people for that title; that only shows how many other websites have 1 of those terms in there title. Ok now you should put that title in quotation "how to grow a website" now you only get 57,800 results ahh much better that's a combination of people who have that title exactly like that in there title tags or somewhere in there page content. If you are new I recommend that you select a title that has less than 500 " " Quoted results since it will be much easier to land on first page and as you get better start to increase your search results limit, in addition i highly recommend that you get SEOquake - seo toolbar, plugin, seo extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera which is free and will tell you how strong the competition is How SEO Quake can help you research competitors | Online Tutorial Series . Do you have an account with reddit,digg,stumbleupon etc. ? if not get started on it now they can make a website go viral and if you have a website getting the ShareThis Widget is absolutely essential if you want to make money ShareThis - Get the Share Button the best one is subjective but by far I have seen the best results with the one that scrolls down as the user scrolls down. This is very important because it follows users as they scroll down and the facebook,digg,redd,twitter plus much more becomes visible so if the user likes what they see they can upload it to their social account with 1 click; if you still don't know which one it is then go to scroll down and you will see it put it on your website it works !!

Here is my list in no particular order of things that should be done to start raking in money

  • do keyword research, select quoted "" title with low results
  • Have an <h1> tag on the article/webpage title
  • upload your article to as many social media accounts as you can
  • Have the ShareThis widget on your website
  • Use the article title several times on your page
  • Use SeoQuake before you write an article to see the strength of the competition

Do these take notes of results make adjustments when needed and repeat again its all about consistency, the biggest reason why people fail is because they are too impatient and they do not adapt to circumstances . There are no big secret to these other people that you see making big $$$ they just didn't give up when they faced obstacles and adapted to grow they're online business, hope this post can help out some of ya'll.
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    Who use this technique and see the results beside OP?

    This is the basic that most of the people do when they start adding content.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    this info is very poor and outdated, you can make a penny with this
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      Originally Posted by jackrice View Post

      this info is very poor and outdated, you can make a penny with this
      You mean you could actually read it?

      Tim Pears

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        Originally Posted by timpears View Post

        You mean you could actually read it?
        I tried and just gave up.
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    Maybe Google rewards his site, for saving space between paragraphs.
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    I guess the main challenge in this method is creating content that is both profitable and also viral enough for people to share on their social media accounts.
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    The whole thing is one big piece of sewage-spam, complete with spammed links.

    Funny to read this: "Last edited by igg; 05-30-2013 at 08:43 PM. Reason: misspelled words"

    I only really got the 6 bullet points. 4 are lame, 2 are no-brainers.

    I dare anyone to try and read the last paragraph...
    "Do these take notes of results make adjustments..."

    Perhaps the enter key and commas do not exist on mars.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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