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Since there are a lot of newbies in this forum, there are a lot of questions about Fiverr, a lot of talk about Google way: backlinks are baaa...d and finally a lot of confusion about what types and number of backlinks to use I decided to share some tips from my experience in various SEO projects. In this post I want to concentrate on just one concept and how it applies across the board:

One of the methods Google uses for understanding if your backlinks are organic or not is by checking the percentage of those backlinks that are deindexed over time. What does it mean? It means if you get too many low quality backlinks from the websites who are identified and deindexed by Google at a later time, you lose rankings and you are also flagged. So, what does it mean for you?

- For Social Bookmarking: If you are a fan of getting Fiverr gigs or using other software to drip-feed bookmarks, then 1- check what websites your bookmarks come from and if those websites are indexed in Google. If not, forget about that service. 2- Make sure your bookmarks come from quality and high PR websites such as Delicious, etc. If you are using this X100 bookmarks on Fiverr, don't only check the first bookmarks (the first ones in most of the lists are quality ones). Also check the websites on the bottom of the list and see where they are coming from. If they are many bookmarks, there is a high chance that many of them are low quality and get deindexed in near future. You don't want that. Bottom line: When it comes to bookmarking, a few social bookmarks on quality sites that stick are much better that many low quality ones that get de-indexed soon. Bottom-line 2: Use few high-quality social bookmarking and social sharing for proper indexing of your content and for showing social signals and rank your keywords using other methods.

- For Article Marketing: Almost all of 1000s of articles submissions don't work. To put in a more accurate way, many of them work at first, but then damage your SEO in the long-run. Why? because many of these websites are low quality, spammy, spun-context only websites and they get de-indexed soon, if they haven't already. So less than 10% of those backlinks are alive in few months and that's a very strong negative signal to Google. Bottom Line: If you submit your articles to selected few quality article websites such as Ezine Articles, Go Articles, etc that they remain there in a few months, it is much better than mass low-quality submissions.

- High PR Blog Networks: This is what you should check personally. If you use those services whether on Warrior Forum, Fiverr or anywhere else, you should check two things: 1- If they are using unique content or spun spammy content. If they do the second, you can be sure a lot of deindexing comes their way in a few months 2- If you intend to use their services on an ongoing basis, check those blog posts a few months later and see what percentage of them have been de-indexed. And also, there is more risk involved in using more popular blog networks. Blog networks do work and Google has assigned special efforts to catch them and continues to do so. Bottom Line: The best way is to build your own blog network, but that's not for everyone. It is not easy to find quality providers either, but in case of blog networks it is worth it. You can't close your eyes, or believe provider claims. All of them claim they are the best. You have to test what you get, and one of the most important metrics is de-index rate in future.

I hope that helps.
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