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Does anyone have experience with eBook distribution as a link building strategy?

Specifically I am looking for a guide to either 1) put links to your site in your eBook and then distribute it to be hosted on other websites, or 2) use your eBook giveaway page as link bait for other website owners and social media users to link to.

I've heard there are websites that are specifically intended for eBook distribution, but I don't have experience with any of them. Can anyone share a list of sites like this?
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    I was really excited to try this exact same strategy in the past and was terribly disappointed. I have a list of a few dozen ebook directories, but all of them are honestly crap because they
    • Aren't active
    • charge for submission
    • require a link back
    • or have very strict submission guidelines

    But there's still hope

    I would recommend trying something like cloudflood. It requires people to share your download(ebook) on facebook or twitter to download. Now, this doesn't build links, but the social sharing DEFINITELY helps.

    I used it for an rss submitter I made with Ubot and it shot my rankings up. I haven't been active on my site for about 9 months but I'm still (barely lol) on the first page for "rss submitter".

    The important thing is that your ebook is enticing. 5 Tweets won't help much, but 500 will go a long way to increasing your ranking (for that page).
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