How much would you give for VA?

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I'm planning to take a VA, but this time I'm considering paying him per link instead of hourly. I talked with him, and he said he can do this fulltime and is satisfied with $600 per month.

Before that, I will take at least 2-3 days to give him full instructions on what he has to do + ongoing Q/A.

If I'm going with the route $ per link then what kind of money should I give him per link? I know that OBL. is also important so PR5 link is cool, but if there is another 100 links then it's not so "cool". Has anyone else ever tried this kind of strategy?
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    $600 seems reasonable. You'll need to use VA tracking software to make sure he's working 8-hour shifts each day though.

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    I use time doctor to watch over the VA's
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    $400/month is quite standard based on a 44 hour work week.

    As per link, totally depends on what they have to do with it, find link sources their selves or just work down a list? I guess they have to find the links theirselves as you talk that PR5 is ok, good luck having a VA find those, unless you talk about blog commenting or guest books.
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  • 600 is a reasonable price but it all depends on the quality of work and the kind and amount of work the VA is doing.

    I think it would always be best to give him a fix price per month BUT you may also give him a target number of backlinks per month also. If he exceeds the number of backlinks accumulated per month then you can give him some bonus. I think that is fair
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      I'd worry more about the quality of the offer than kissing Google's ass.

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