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Maybe some of you were not aware of an "update" from
google on affiliate pages. Looks like they did some minor
update at the end of last month. Anyway, here it is:
Affiliate programs - Webmaster Tools Help

I would seriously say to everyone here, to read what google publishes.
They do not make any of this stuff secret.

But take a lot of it with a grain of salt. They can publish some stuff
and cross their fingers behind their backs.

So, why would I say to read google if I feel they can be wishy washy?

It's a guideline. Pure and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. It's
not a law, and they reserve the right not to enforce such stuff.
But on the flip side, if you want a starting point and/or have been
"penalized," well, you should have been warned.

Now if you are an adsense user, well, there is a little clause about
following ALL google guidelines...just saying.

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    It makes sense and is a good base point for guidelines when developing affiliate sites or any site for that matter.
    "content that appears in many other places on the web are unlikely to perform well in Google search results and may be negatively perceived by search engines. Unique, relevant content provides value to users and distinguishes your site from other affiliates, making it more likely to rank well in Google search results."
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      Ya know, that's a friggin good point. I take that to mean, don't expect
      to outrank amazon with your silly little ol' amazon affiliate site...unless...
      (reading between the lines...)


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    It makes sense to write useful content according to Google Guidelines. Something that is different.

    The other day when I was reviewing a product, I saw that whatever point-of-view I was trying to put forth, was already covered at Amazon and in a similar fashion by a reviewer.

    So how could I make my review look any different? Well, besides writing its useful features I compared it to another product and that's what makes my review stand out.
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