Is Penquin 2.0 a Trap ?

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I see lots of threads giving evidence that spamming backlinks is working as well as ever, maybe even better ?

Do you think that this is Google laying a trap to catch as as many as possible when the next link battering update comes ?

The more threads we see in places like this suggesting links are king the more people are actually going to spam.
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    Google failed, but they'll never admit it ...
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      What about GSA and using the Tiered link building method?

      Does that still work pretty well
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          Spammy ranking will not a stable results.. this will change according to Google Algorithm very soon...

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    I think the people that got hit are the people that did not stop creating mass amounts of crappy links from blog comments, web 2.0's, social bookmarking ETC. It's not a "Trap" it's just forcing 2.5% of webmasters to up their link building game.


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    I think getting manual back links in a reasonable quantity, slowly but steadily works much than to get thousands of automated links at once
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    I dont think Google has that mindset, I mean setting people up for failure. They are straightforward with what they want to achieve. If people are getting results with spamming most likely it is short term results.
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      Problem is, people refuse to read what google publishes.
      They get second hand info from a guy who knows a guy.
      So, when it gets to them, the real info is so mangled,
      any resemblance to the truth is purely accidental.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    First of all, google is full of crap. They just want you to believe everything they say so that Internet Marketers cannot succeed. Look, they said article marketing for SEO doesn't work anymore; but it still works for low competition keywords.

    Also, they said that link wheels, pyramids and all that doesn't work. BS. It still does.

    The problem is that if you do not keep to the rate at which you build the backlinks, you will lose your rankings.
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    Spamming is working but the kind of spam that seo adept are talking about and the kind of spam seo newbies or talking about is so different.

    Spamming for an seo expert is pretty much having your own list of websites with good pr and good OBL that you have a list over 1k+ and you spam them meatballs out them and rank

    Spamming for seo beginner
    Using list that can be find online that thousands people using and use the dafualt urls found and software to spam
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    Spamming with those huge lists that everyone else uses does work.

    The key is diversity with the platforms and anchor text, just like it has been for a few years now.

    Then it's just numbers, build a few a day, and keep going for a few months until you have 40k or so links showing in ahrefs.

    Then take the profit and invest in more sites
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