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Hello Everybody!

This site has been a huge help so far in my IM adventure I may be asking far too much but I was hoping that you may be able to help me out. My site On The Mines | Your #1 guide to mining careers is pretty much no existent on google. If possible could you please have a look and let me know what you would do to get this to rank abit better? Ideally "Mining Jobs" or "How to get a mining job" is what I would like to rank for in Google.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    For starters, you need on-page SEO, doesn't even look like your targeting the keywords you mentioned in OP.

    Google Cache
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    Considering your web site statments about the typical salary range of your niche 110-300k you should take out few bucks out of your pockets and hire someone to do the job.

    As Yukon mentioned your on-site SEO is almost non-existant and even if you fix it you will probably need additional work to be done on it to make it rank.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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      Good Feedback I understand that so far none of my articles or really any of my site targets my ideal keyword. I am not the greatest writer and the plan in the future is to get somebody who can write these articles well to target these keywords.

      Godmode, good call I plan on getting some help in the future with this. I was just hoping to gain some advice for the people in the industry.

      I have had a few comments on the posted salary range of my niche, I am not trying to over promise anything to the visitors to the website. Should I back these figure up with more statistics?
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  • Bigmacca,

    As mentioned by the other members, I would start with the posts on your pages. They are not configured very well for search. Ideally you want to target one keyword phrase and its variants per page. These should be in the architecture of the page, in headers, and in copy under the headers. Keyword density should be around 2-3% and make the content useful (i.e. after it is written, ask yourself if someone actually looking for information on mining and mining jobs would find your site useful, if not, re-write the content until it is.)

    Here is a good resource for on-page optimization,

    On-Page Ranking Factors - SEO Best Practices - Moz

    If you haven’t already, submit your site to Google and Bing WMT. It doesn’t appear that there are any links to your site. You should focus on getting some links as well. I would start with the on-page stuff and see where that gets you.

    Hope that helps,

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      Thanks Shawn,

      I appreciate the quality advice!
      I have submitted my site to Google and Bing and generate some minimal traffics from google from random searches just not what I wish to rank for. But traffic is traffic
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    Bigmacca what I mean here that you don't look trustable at all with a site like this while talking about such figures. Same as those ''make 6 figures online'' blogs ,self made with awful free themes or even worse hosted on free web 2.0 blogs. Work on branding and credibility first. I wouldn't put my trash mail on your site even for a free e-book.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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      Thanks for your honesty Godmode. I see what your saying would you mind if I PM you to pick your brain on making the site seem more credible?
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    You seems to be a newbie but your keywords you are looking for are too far to get ranked. Everyone here would recommend to for little easier and less competitive keywords..
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    You should try to rank for individual pages within your website. When they all rank well, it will bring you in some steady and quality traffic. Just make sure to keep up your link building/sharing efforts.
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    rename "Uncategorized"
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    For high competitive keywords, you should have a plan and there should be "no" to any black-hat..

    You should focus on content development mainly.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    bigmacca, I'm going to go against the grain here and give you my opinion on the matter. I would suggest focusing on PPC (paid traffic) before you focus on SEO. That's the best advice I can give you.

    So many people (myself included) waste a ton of time in IM by looking for free ways, weird ways, secrets ways etc to get traffic when they would be way better off just buying it in the first place.

    Now, I know what you are thinking, I can't spend money when I'm not making it. So you need to fix that issue. How can you modify your web page or your efforts to get a return on your investment? After all, what is the point of ranking high if your page isn't making money?

    If you go about it with the approach that I'm suggesting and you turn your page into a cash machine then you can start focusing on SEO. Why? Because now you will know what keywords are going after and ranking. No sense in ranking a keyword that doesn't make money right? I believe this is the secret to overall success.

    Build a PPC campaign that works and then leverage your knowledge into SEO.
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